In a recent survey, we discovered that the majority of instructors, 64%, have had experience teaching online courses. But how many of them have taken an online course themselves? We decided to ask our community of educators how many of them have taken an online course before. Learn what your peers have to say about their experience.

Instructors, have you taken an online course?
From our respondents, a combined 52% total said that they have taken an online course before, while 48% total say they have not. Specifically, 42% of the say they loved their online class, 29% said they have never taken one and would not care to try, 18% said they haven’t taken one but want to, and 10% said they’ve tried it but it wasn’t for them.

Of the instructors that have taken an online course, 80% of them say they loved the experience. The results are clear: the vast majority of those instructors who have given online learning a try have truly enjoyed the experience.

Of the instructors that have not taken an online course, 18% would like to give it a try, but haven’t had the opportunity. If you’re eager to try out the online class experience, speak with your college’s administration to see if there are any trial courses you can test-drive. This is also a great opportunity to try a professional development class online. For example, offers an array of traditional online college courses, adult continuing education and career training — all the latest online training by top instructors. Visit their collection of Teaching and Education courses.

Of the instructors that have not taken an online course, 62% of them say they’re not interested in trying. If time commitment creates hesitation for you, remember that most online classes do not have set times that you need to be logged in. And many courses you’ll find will only require a few hours of your time a week. Online learning is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to advance your professional development.

If you’ve taken an online course and were not pleased with the course, what could have improved the experience for you? Share your ideas below.