In your teaching, are you regularly charged with taking initiative to be creative and resourceful for the benefit of engaging and motivating your students? Cengage Learning recognizes this, and TeamUP has designed a conference just for you!

Save the date! The 2014 Fall Energizer Conference—Taking Initiative!—is scheduled for November 13-14 in Austin, TX, at the Hilton Austin.

Prepare to participate in sessions that will provide innovative strategies in the following programs:

  • Student Success
  • Developmental English
  • Developmental Reading
  • Integrated Reading and Writing (IRW)

TeamUP has a sensational agenda in the works with an exciting event planned Thursday night that you don’t want to miss.

Scheduled presenters include:

Developmental Reading
Maggi Miller (TeamUP)
Wendy Crader
Developmental Writing
Larry Barkley and Christine Sandoval
Melissa Zantello (TeamUP)
Integrated Reading and Writing
Ann Wolf (TeamUP)
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins (TeamUP)
Zola Gordy
Hillary Procknow
Kiala Givehand
Student Success
Carolyn Hopper (Cengage author)
Greg Rivera (TeamUP)
Christine Harrington (Cengage author)
Kathleen Hartman
Stacy Holliday (TeamUP)
Essie Childers
Constance Staley
Robert Onorato (TeamUP)
Jim Johnston
Technology in Action
Shawn Orr (TeamUP)
David Caverly
Annette McCreedy
Ryan Watkins
Kira Siriphant-Lara

More information is to come, but for now be sure to save the date. TeamUP looks forward to Taking Initiative! with you!

Questions? Please call 800-856-5727 or email [email protected].