The National Economics Teaching Association and Cengage Learning are pleased to announce this year’s Economist Educators Best in Class Award Winners!

Economics instructors across the U.S. entered to win our award, which praises how economists practice the art of instruction, harness the power of engagement, and foster the spark of discovery in their classrooms.

Review the winning submissions, and consider how you might apply these engaging and creative ideas in your own classroom!

View the 2015 Best in Class Award Winners!

First Place: Kim Holder, University of West Georgia, The Rockonomix Music Video Parody Project


Second Place: Rebecca Moryl, Emmanuel College, PodLearning 


Third Place: Julianna Butler, University of Delaware, Bringing Theory to Life: Riddles and Popular Podcasts


Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all who entered our award contest. We look forward to seeing these presenters at our upcoming Economics Teaching Conference!