Now that Fall classes have kicked off, are you and your students taking full advantage of all that Enhanced WebAssign has to offer? The daily grind of class starts can be challenging, from acclimating students to a new academic year to managing your course, there are a lot of moving parts.

Luckily, Enhanced WebAssign has a variety of student and instructor resources that can help make things easier. Follow these three simple tips to get the most out of this powerful platform and focus on what matters most—teaching relevant course topics.

Prepare students for an upcoming test or exam with the PERSONAL STUDY PLAN

Many Enhanced WebAssign courses include a Personal Study Plan (PSP), which is a set of chapter quizzes, practice quizzes, and instructional materials that your students can use to learn, practice, and test their knowledge at their own pace. Assign the PSP for a grade or make the PSP available to students for self-paced study.


How to Use the PSP:

  • Have students begin by taking the appropriate chapter quiz in the PSP.
  • Students review their results for each section and identify those that may require extra work.
  • If needed, tutorials help students brush up on specific topics.
  • Practice quizzes help students master each section.
  • Finally, students retake the chapter quiz to confirm their level of mastery.

Find more Quick Tips in our “Working with the Personal Study Plan (PSP) in EWA” guide.

Give your students even more study tools within the CENGAGE YOUBOOK MEDIA TAB



Remind your students of the wealth of topic-specific lecture videos, homework tutorials, video examples, and other multimedia resources embedded throughout the eBook. For fast access, simply click the Media tab within the eBook to view all resources organized by chapter.

Build your course as you go with COURSE PACK ASSIGNMENTS


Save time with ready-to-use assignments built by subject matter experts specifically for your textbook. You can customize and schedule any of the assignments you want to use, or ask your Digital Solutions Coordinator (DSC) to add them into your course to serve as additional practice and study opportunities for your students.

With these three tips, both you and your students can save time and get better results.

For additional ideas, quick guides, and self-training videos, visit EWA’s user guide center