4 Easy Strategies to Stay Productive in a Remote Setting

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Staying focused and productive on campus is difficult enough, but the prospect of either a hybrid or fully online semester facing many institutions this fall presents a whole new host of challenges. Maintaining productivity can become challenging when distractions abound at home—and escaping to the library or a café may not be an option for every student or instructor.

To help students—and faculty—stay on track and be successful in a remote environment, we’ve made some of our student productivity resources from Cengage Unlimited available free! Whether trying to set goals, boost creative problem-solving skills or just get organized, the following tips can help.


Stay on Track with SMART Goals

We all have goals we’d like to accomplish, but sometimes getting started is the hardest part. SMART goals are a proven tactic to help you think through your objectives and create a plan for making them happen. Learn how to use the system to achieve your goals from home—or anywhere—in our video.


Set and Keep Manageable Deadlines

With all the distractions and comforts at home, procrastination can become a pattern, and quickly. Getting into the habit of setting deadlines and holding yourself accountable will help you balance your workload and stay on top of assignments. Discover how in this quick video.


Boost Your Creativity

Having trouble tapping into your creativity in your daily at-home routine? Sometimes all it takes is a little mindset reframe. Check out the clip to find out how learning to love constraints can actually help you become a more creative thinker and problem solver.


Keep Your Life Organized

Ever feel as if you just can’t get your act together? Struggling to keep things orderly? Watch our video to learn how you can create systems to organize different aspects of your life so you can think clearer, get more done and make time for the things that really matter in your life.


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