Reaching and engaging today’s students has been a hot topic, not only on this blog, but in schools around the country and even in non-industry-specific media. Instructors are rethinking how they can create the spark of true learning in their students, and as part of that, what new avenues they can take to reach them.

In this recorded virtual event, “Blend and Flip! New Approaches for Building Student Success and Engagement,” Beverly Amer of Northern Arizona University discusses blended and flipped classroom models and addresses how they can be utilized to reach higher levels of engagement and student success. During the presentation, Amer discusses different classroom models we’re used to seeing in higher education, defines blended learning and the flipped classroom model and describes what each entails, and covers some key questions to ask about your students and yourself as you consider whether a flipped or blended learning approach would work for you. Near the end of the presentation, she also provides links to several resources and tools that may prove helpful along your journey to discovering what works best for you and your students. As Amer points out during the session, learning is never one size fits all; however, instructors can think about how to best reach and engage students so they can be successful.

If you’re interested in accessing the presentations that Beverly Amer mentions during the session, please visit this previous blog post and our YouTube channel, where you can find many more.

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