Chances are, if you’re reading this post on your computer or on a handheld device, you have some familiarity with online technology and feel comfortable with it. Hopefully, you’re the kind of instructor who is open and eager to utilize the growing list of free and fabulous websites and apps that are readily available to you and your students—resources that drive collaboration, organization, and even fun.

At Cengage Learning’s 18th Annual Course Technology Conference, Professor Gina Bowes-Miller of Harrisburg Area Community College presented Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom and Beyond. In the video below, you can learn how Professor Bowers-Miller has used various websites and apps in her classroom, and how her students use them to work with each other, gaining real-life experience with digital collaboration and communication.

Highlighted here are some of Professor Bowers-Miller’s preferred sites and apps:

One of our favorite and free resources is SlideShare. Here, you can view Professor Bowes-Miller’s deck, as well as many others.

What are some websites and apps you use in you classroom or personal life that you find help you with organization or communication? Share your ideas below, or submit them to [email protected].