Robin Landa holds the title of Distinguished Professor in the Michael Graves College at Kean University. She’s written 23 books and received numerous awards and honors from the National Society of Arts and Letters, the National League of Pen Women, Creativity, the ADCNJ and more. In addition to winning a Human Rights Educator Award, she was lauded by the Carnegie Foundation as among the “Great Teachers of Our Time.” She is a presenter and keynote speaker at international design conferences and presents at universities, judges design competitions, and is a co-chairperson of Design Incubation, an advocacy organization dedicated to communication design research.

When you adopt the new Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition, you get more than content—you get a solid foundation for curricula based on design principles and an informed design process. Design educators worldwide use this book to build and support curricula.

Graphic Design Solutions is more than a book—it’s pedagogy—it’s any educator’s rich instructional resource. I provide an instructor’s manual, syllabus, teaching methodology, rubric, PowerPoint presentations, and quizzes that complement challenging exercises and projects for several core courses—including Graphic Design 1 & 2, Type 1, Identity Design, and Advertising Design. Basic design principles for courses in poster design, book cover design, motion, web and mobile design are also included. Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition, is the most comprehensive textbook and reference on graphic design for print and screen media.

To ensure students conceive engaging concepts and design in a rapidly changing wired world, the entire sixth edition has been expanded and updated to include new figures, diagrams, examples, exercises and projects, essays, case studies, interviews with designers, showcases of designers’ works, a new guide to composition, and cutting-edge information. Plus, I’ve covered contemporary approaches to web design, typography, mobile media, motion/animation, branding and visual identity, advertising, and storytelling for design. I’ve revised all chapters to reflect the latest industry standards, terminology, theories, and career expectations. There’s a great deal of new content about major graphic design and advertising formats and disciplines, career competencies and creative preparation, design thinking, ways to improve conceptual and creative thinking, and much more.

Your students can utilize Graphic Design Solutions as a reference throughout their studies. Students gain a thorough understanding of the principles of design and strategies for problem solving and professional practice. This is the only design textbook with in-depth examinations of major graphic design formats and disciplines—all illustrated with award-winning professional work. It has been the basis of my university’s graphic design curriculum; our students enjoy rewarding careers and win international, national and regional design awards.

New to this sixth edition is MindTap—a robust online platform that includes chapter-based introductory exercises, automatically-graded quizzes, exercises and projects, and topics related to building a portfolio, building one’s own brand, and the interview and career search process. Plus, an innovative series—Designers Speak—offering videos with working designers who talk about their professional experiences. MindTap Art also includes the complete text in ebook format with zoomable graphic design images and links to resources and studios.

I hope when you choose to adopt the new printed edition—or its digital MindTap counterpart—you find it even more useful than its predecessor. Please keep in mind that I’m always available to receive comments and answer questions. I welcome the opportunity to talk about design education with you.

Have questions or comments? Reach out directly to Robin Landa at [email protected].

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