The process of setting goals can be an important element in students’ success. Whether they’re working towards degree or certificate program, completing coursework that gets them to the next step in their careers, applying to graduate school, or simply hoping to pass a class, a thoughtfully designed set of goals helps students aim for, and attain, the achievements they so desire.

If you’re interested in helping your students set and achieve their academic goals, you may be on the lookout for some techniques and strategies that will enable them to do so in an effective manner. In her recent webinar “The ABCS Approach to Goal Setting and Implementation,” Dr. Christine Harrington, Director for the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching at Middlesex County College, describes a research-based framework for goal setting. This framework will assist your students with setting and implementing goals that will lead to high levels of success.

Dr. Harrington also highlights the most important goal characteristic. As you listen, you’ll learn what this goal characteristic is, and you’ll also gather teaching tips that better enable students to craft and reach these types of goals.

Download the webinar “The ABCS Approach to Goal Setting and Implementation,” and review the presentation slides below.


What strategies have you used to help students, or yourself, in the process of setting goals? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments.