The following articles are featured in the Spring 2014 Accounting Instructors’ Report:


Implementing Learning Activities
Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA



Online Teaching: The Warmth Factor
Michelle Li-Kuehne, CPA, MS, Saint John’s University


From Idea Pitch to Business Brief: Entrepreneurial Mindsetting in a Managerial Accounting Principles Course
Jill E. Christopher, DBA, MBA, BSBA, Ohio Northern University
Robert E. Kleine, III, Ph.D., BSBA, Ohio Northern University
Dexter R. Woods, Jr., LLM, JD, BA, BSBA, Ohio Northern University


Teaching Innovative Problem Solving: A Practical Guide to Increasing Students “Out of the Box” Thinking
Charles J.F. Leflar, Ph.D., CPA, University of Arkansas
Katie L. Terrell, MBA, University of Arkansas


Flipping Your Final Exam: Make the Last Class Interaction Memorable
Michael J. Krause, CPA, MS, University of Indianapolis