Spring midterm season is upon us! If you’re using a digital Cengage Learning product in your classroom, hopefully all of your students have already activated their digital materials as needed for their classwork. But every semester, there may be some that continue to put it off.

As midterms and finals approach, help your students get the most out of their materials by reminding them to activate all of their digital products if they haven’t done so already.

Activate digital

  • Better grades: with the use of additional study tools and highlight and reading tools, students will quickly have a leg up on those who put off activating their digital learning solutions. You’ll see the proof when their grades improve!
  • Better organizational tools: since their digital tools are mobile accessible, they can take their class materials anywhere. There’s also a calendar feature that helps them stay on track with assignments, quizzes and tests so they never feel blindsided when one of these come up.
  • Better college experience: because digital tools give students the ability to study smarter and faster… it leaves more time for them to have more fun! Their college experience as a whole becomes more enjoyable without sacrificing productivity.

Encourage your students to get into their digital learning tools to get an edge on midterms and finals. They’ll be glad you did!

»Don’t Wait. Activate.