In your work as an instructor, you undoubtedly encourage your students to think critically about the topics and issues you cover in your class—and those that they encounter in the world around them. Given that students (and perhaps you!) enjoy social media, you may be thinking about using social media as a means of teaching students valuable critical thinking skills.

We know that you enjoy reading about other instructors’ teaching ideas, so we’d like to share this great idea from Melody Niesen of the University of Central Missouri. In this video, Melody describes her strategy for teaching critical thinking with social media. The activity teaches students how to use social media tools they use on a daily basis to create a campaign to persuade an audience to do something about a particular social issue. Listen to her assignment idea, and consider how you might use it in your own class!

Congratulations to Melody—her video is the winner of our first “Make it Count” contest bonus round!

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