As Education Dive notes, “Adaptive learning is a hot area in education right now,” largely because it promises the ability to provide a learning experience tailored to the specific needs of individual students, measure the efficacy of specific learning activities, and offer recommendations for increasing the levels of student engagement and achievement within each specific course.  

Many instructors may, in part, be drawn to this promise because it speaks to their own challenges as educators. In a recent research study, faculty were asked: “What are some of the “pains” you experience teaching your courses to students?”. In response, 73% stated that “engaging and motivating students” posed a challenge, 44% mentioned that they struggle with “devoting time to students who need one-on-one attention,” and 36% wish they could do more to “provid[e] students appropriate remediation.” Additionally, 21% listed “tracking course outcomes and results to report to administration” as a challenge as well.  

At Cengage Learning, we want to support instructors’ goals of increasing engagement and achievement, too. For that reason, we’re constantly exploring new ways to create engaging digital resources that help improve student learning outcomes through innovative technology and high-quality content. That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about our partnership with adaptive learning company Knewton. By implementing Knewton’s adaptive learning technology into the MindTap platform, we can provide your students an effective–and enjoyable—learning experience, and give you the ability to deliver personalized attention to your students when and where they most need it. MindTap offers a fully online, highly personalized learning experience built upon authoritative Cengage Learning content—but still allows you the flexibility to customize that experience with your own content via apps that integrate into the MindTap framework. Knewton’s adaptive learning technology deepens student engagement through real-time recommendations that guide their learning, and gives you access to real-time analytics that paint a clear picture of where students are “getting it” and where they need added support.  

As Jim Donohue, Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning, said: “We are excited to offer Knewton within our MindTap product to further support the needs of students and instructors by actively adapting course materials for deeper engagement and more meaningful scaffolding to curriculum.” Look for more information in the months to come! In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more, read our announcement: “Cengage Learning Implements Adaptive Learning Technology Through Partnership with Knewton.”