Focused and devoted to her studies, Anne Shoemake, a student studying human services at Wharton County Community College, will finish her Associate’s Degree in December 2014, and will then move on to a 4-year university to finish her studies and secure a master’s degree. While studying for her AA degree, Anne worked as an intern for the district attorney’s office, in the special victim’s unit/crisis center, and also worked as a nanny.

Knowing that time would be limited as she juggled class, her job, and a demanding internship, Anne took as many online courses as she could, which allowed her to work at her own pace and when she had the time. Her courses required significant study hours, and she found that being able to study online and get the review and reinforcement it offered made it easier for her to manage her time and retain what she was learning.

She approached her statistics course with trepidation, thinking it would be a challenge. Using the textbook and Aplia for Statistics, she was pleasantly surprised at how well she caught on. Anne’s statistics instructor fully utilized Aplia and all its features, and provided plenty of student outreach, reminding students when assignments were due and helpful messages.

Aplia, with its etextbook and built-in study review, allowed Anne to study the material on a daily basis and go back over concepts that weren’t initially clear. She also enjoyed the way Aplia allowed her to study, highlight, have a concept read to her, read it herself, and then do the practice assignments and get instant feedback. With three chances to produce the right answer to an assignment, she felt she was practiced and well prepared for tests… and ultimately succeeded in the course.

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