Whether they’re completing courses for a professional certificate or working through a bachelor’s program in a particular discipline or field, most college students hope that all their hard work will pay off in the form of new, or more fulfilling, careers.

In our recent white paper, “Students to Colleges: Get Us Work-Ready!”, we share the results of an extensive study that we conducted with the Work Institute. Among many questions, we asked students how confident they felt about getting a job after graduation.

Overall, 47% of students grade their confidence in getting a job as “A.” This leaves more than half of the students who are not as confident that they’d find a job once they’d completed their studies.

What might help these students feel more confident? You, as their instructor, can play a powerful role! Students will benefit greatly if you make the connection between what you’re teaching in class and the types of situations they’ll face once they complete their programs or earned their degree.

In addition, students will start to feel more confident when they can demonstrate the connection between the knowledge and skills they’ve gained in college to the knowledge and skills they’ll need while they’re on the job.

What steps could you –and they—take to build these connections? Below, we share some ideas that you and your students can implement.

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» Interested in learning more about students’ expectations and experiences in college? Download the white paper: “Students to Colleges: Get Us Work-Ready!”


How do you help students gain professional skills in your classroom? Do you address the matter of how to get a job in your field? Share your strategies and activity ideas in the comments.