Using excellent instructional design and technology demonstrably helps students, faculty and institutions. This case study describes our work with Arizona State University’s Psychology department where we developed personalized tools (using our Learning Objects platform) to support a flipped classroom model.

The results were outstanding:

  • Double-digit improvement in student retention
  • Unanimous acclaim by the students that the platform was easy to use and navigate
  • And, most importantly: students who used the tools did demonstrably better in the course

Partnering with Cengage for Instructional Design

One of the many reasons to partner with Cengage is to take advantage of our incredibly skilled and experienced instructional design and delivery group (otherwise known as IDD). Our Instructional Designers have, on average, over 17 years of experience in instructional design. Over half of our Project Management staff has PMP certification. Our Educational Technologists are conversant in all major LMSs as well as Cengage products (and their integration). And we all work together to make your project work for your students.

Read the case study to learn more!