Cengage Learning employees around the world strive to ensure the success of all of our partners—from the bookstores that carry our resources, to the instructors who use them in their courses, to the students who learn from and engage with them. When our efforts to transform and inspire the learning experience are recognized, we’re honored—and we also want to take a moment to express our gratitude!

Early in October, a group of employees from the Cengage Learning Australia office had the opportunity to attend the Australian Campus Booksellers Association (ACBA) meeting in Sydney. During the event’s awards ceremony, the ACBA named Cengage Learning “Publisher of the Year, 2014”. This marks the first time Cengage Learning has won the annual award.

We’re especially proud of this achievement because it represents the votes of bookstores on university and college campuses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, across the following criteria:

  • Quality of the sales representative force
  • Marketing initiatives that help the campus bookshop
  • Customer service and sales support that recognizes the needs of the campus bookseller
  • Trading terms that reflect the challenges campus booksellers face
  • Fulfilment in commitment to holding stock at key periods in the year and urgency of delivery
  • Supporting campus booksellers as the primary channel to market

Even more rewarding was the general enthusiasm with which campus booksellers received and celebrated the news. Many who were on hand at the conference made a point of congratulating the Cengage Learning team and mentioning how pleased they were that our work partnering with campus retailers was being recognized.

Paul Petrulis, Vice President of Cengage Learning Australia, Higher Education, noted: “We were thrilled to be recognized by the ACBA as a favored partner…. We have made significant investments in relationships with booksellers throughout our territories. This is a clear indication the booksellers recognize the hard work we’ve put in–from all of our team members across Cengage Learning in Australia and New Zealand.”

In addition to the “Publisher of the Year” award, Cengage Learning also won Supplier of the Year recognition in two different local areas – Victoria/South Australia/Tasmania, and Western Australia/Northern Territories. Cengage Learning’s David Tonkin, Senior Sales Representative, and Rosanne Sparks, Field Sales Manager, each earned Tertiary Rep of the Year awards in their regions. We’re proud of these accomplishments as well, as they signify our efforts to provide personalized service that satisfies the needs of all our partners.

All of Cengage Learning congratulates those in our Australia and New Zealand offices on this significant team accomplishment.