Author: John Riga

Four Tips for a Successful Video Shoot

Shooting a high-quality video can often end up to be a long and tedious task. First-time filmmakers should keep in mind just a few things in order to expedite your film process to make it simple and easy. By following these four tips you will be on the right path for a successful video shoot.
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Six Tips for Creating a Video that Engages College Students

Addressing the issues of making a quality video can be a tough challenge as you struggle to attract your students’ attention. With those factors to address, it is important to find the balance between visual entertainment and reaching students with your message. With examples provided by last year’s Instructor for a Day contest participants and winner, we derived these six elements that can help get the job done.

Instructors, what techniques do you recommend for creating a video that engages college students? Share them in the comments.

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