Author: Mary Alice Cookson

Top 5 Confidence Tips for College Students

If you want a real-life example of a confident person – someone who does what many of us are terrified to do and does it on a daily basis – look no further than your favorite professor! Consider this: More Americans are afraid of public speaking than they are of death, according to Chapman University’s 2016 survey of American fears. College professors are public speakers nearly every day of the week!

Find a confidence model

When you consider that professors have the dubious distinction of making themselves vulnerable in front of a discerning group in addition to all their other tasks, Read More…

14 Traits of a Confident College Student

While we know that confidence plays a key role in determining a student’s success, how do we define confidence?  What does a confident student look like? In The Confident Student, 8th edition, author Carol C. Kanar identifies 14 traits of confident students. Do you see these traits in your students? Flexible – They have an open mind and are adaptable to change.
Self-motivated – They know what they want and strive to achieve it.
Intellectual risk taker – They think for themselves, critically and creatively.
Enthusiastic – They remain optimistic and energetic.
Responsible – They “own” and are accountable for their actions.
Self-managedRead More…

Ed Trend to Watch: Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education offers an interesting alternative to the more traditional credit-hour-based system of learning in higher education. In this system, college students progress when they prove that they’ve mastered the subject matter, whether that may be faster or slower than their classmates. Competency-based education has received a great deal of attention as a disruptive innovation which promises to raise course quality and student completion.

Why competency-based education?

Today, not enough students who begin their college journey end up graduating, which can set them back even further than when they began. The most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that the college graduation rate Read More…

How to Boost College Students’ Confidence

Today’s educators are well aware that students—like most people—feel unsure of themselves, especially in new situations. In a sea of highly competent peers, many students flail around wondering where they belong and even, if they belong. To ward off these common fears and give students the best odds for success, many colleges now offer courses and seminars covering everything from understanding learning style to developing effective study habits to facing the future with confidence.

Fear of failure

In a recent New York Times opinion piece, “Conquering the Freshman Fear of Failure,” David L. Kirp a graduate school professor and Read More…

Election 2016: What Did We Learn and How Do We Teach it?

Last week, just two days after the election, Cengage authors of American Government and U.S. History texts sifted through election results in a live webcast and attempted to answer the question: What happens next? Given that most of the presenters had likely prepared their online talks for Cengage’s Election 2016 Virtual Symposium prior to knowing the election’s outcome, it was a challenging assignment involving last-minute tweaking. Yet they handled the task with grace and finesse! Some pressing concerns among educators now are: How do we teach about this election and how will it affect our young people? Will it Read More…