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Gale Training Webinars: February 2016

Discover all the tips and tricks that will help you and your researchers get the most out of your Gale resources.

View the Gale training webinar calendar for February 2016. Then, register for a free session today!

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Starting a Research Paper: Thirteen Key Tips for Students

In our Fall 2015 Instructor Engagement Insights survey, we asked: “What advice do you have for students beginning their first extensive research assignment?”

We’ve selected thirteen of those tips and shared them below. If your students are about to embark on the process of writing a research paper, pass these tips along!

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Essential Note-Taking Skills, As Defined by College Students

A thorough, thoughtfully organized set of lecture notes can be one of students’ best study tools! However, many students find it difficult to create the type of notes that will prove the most effective for them come study time. They may not write enough down—or, they may be attempting to write so much down that they inadvertently miss important points that you, the instructor, are making.

In our Fall 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked college students: “What are the qualities of a good note-taker?” Among their answers, we noted many themes. Review what they had to say below, and share their advice with your students!

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MindTap K12 Subscription Model Supports Advanced Placement Success in Georgia 

Forsyth County Schools (FCS) in Georgia can proudly claim the highest SAT scores among the state’s fifteen largest school districts as well as the highest graduation rate (90+ percent) among the twenty largest school districts. Given this success, it’s no surprise that FCS offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement® (AP®) options to give its students the opportunity to experience college-level academic courses while in high school. To ensure ongoing access to current, quality learning resources for its AP curriculum, the district recently turned to the MindTap® K12 platform and a cost-effective subscription plan from Cengage Learning.
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College Success Strategies—Submitted By Students

As they pursue their academic goals, students can gather many great success tips from their peers!

That’s why, in our Fall 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked: “Beyond completing assigned coursework (e.g. readings and homework), what steps do you take to ensure that you succeed in a class?” In addition to voting on their top college success strategies (which included reviewing lecture notes, using online resources such as quizzes, and creating reading notes), they volunteered some of their own tips.

Below, we’ve listed just a few of their many responses. Share them with your own students and encourage them on to academic success this semester!

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Students to Colleges: Get Us Work-Ready!

The Today’s Student survey project by Cengage Learning is based on original research that springs from our company’s commitment to gaining insights directly from students. We surveyed and interviewed five thousand students—traditional and non-traditional, from four-year and two-year colleges—for their impressions of success, career prospects, technology, courses, and obstacles to achieving academic goals.

In this report, we explore how the college experience compared to student expectations. In particular, the students spoke to their college’s ability—or lack of ability—to prepare them for a career.

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How Do You Use Digital Tools to Teach Critical Thinking?

How do you use digital assignments to foster students’ critical thinking skills? Share a digital assignment that sparks critical thinking in our Make It Count contest, and you could win great prizes.

Critical thinking is a critical element of your course. As we have observed how instructors teach critical thinking, and as we have heard from many of you and your students, we have seen numerous, creative ways to incorporate that important skill into coursework—many of which take advantage of today’s engaging digital learning tools.
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Make it Count! Show Us How You Assign Digital… and Win

It’s clear to see that digital is the place to be, especially for students. According to a recent article, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

Digital counts. According to recent studies, student engagement and outcomes improve when instructors require digital course material and make it at least 20% of their grade, proving that screen time increases scores over time.

So—how do you make it count? Show us!

Submit a short video sharing how you assign digital. You could win a paid trip to a national conference, scholarship funding, and more, plus the opportunity to share your ideas with peers and learn from one another!

All you’ll need to do: in two minutes or less, tell us your favorite digital assignment and how it engages your students.

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Using Digital Solutions to Increase Student Engagement

Given their frequent conversations with instructors, Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators often hear about the creative, innovative, and practical ways that instructors are using digital solutions to engage students and increase their success in their courses. We thought you might enjoy learning about some of these ideas for yourself!

Below, you’ll see how several of our Digital Solutions Coordinators’ responses to the question: “What innovative ideas have you heard from instructors that have helped them increase engagement in their classes?” Review the tips and discover some strategies that you might implement in your own course!

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MindTap College Success Course Earns Perfect Score in North Carolina’s “Quality Matters” Certification Program

North Carolina is serious about raising standards in its public schools to meet the needs of 21st century learners and prepare them to succeed in an increasingly technology-based society. One way the state is accomplishing this objective is by implementing a rigorous Quality Matters (QM) certification program, a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to verify the quality of online courses and online components. Attaining QM certification—a coveted stamp of approval—is no small feat, so when North Carolina’s Rowan-Cabarrus Community College received a perfect score for a College Success course based on MindTap®, there was good reason to be pleased.

In this case study, you’ll learn why Jenny Billings and others at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College believe MindTap was a key to getting the certification for the College Success course.
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