Author: Tami Strang

Our Brand of Servant Leadership

Guest Contributor: Rich Floersch, EVP Global HR, McDonald’s Corporation.

At McDonald’s our brand and story are both intricately connected around the value of service.

At the same time, it’s become clear that in the quest to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, we need to expand our service and support of our employees. Our broad commitment to serve employees through education and training is showcased in programs such as Hamburger University, which was founded in 1961 to provide a unique management curriculum now taught in 28 languages; a range of scholarships; college partnerships; and most recently a series of education and training programs under the flagship Archways to Opportunity.

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“This Program Changed My Life”: McDonald’s First Graduate of Career Online High School Shares His Story

In March 2015, Juan Garcia became the first graduate of Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School, an AdvancED/SACS accredited program offered to eligible McDonald’s® employees as part of the company’s Archways to Opportunity initiative. Through the program, McDonald’s® employees can earn both an accredited high school diploma and career certificate in one of eight high-growth, entry-level career fields. Below, Juan shares his story.
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OWLv2 is Key to Meaningful Homework and Better Student Engagement

If variety is the spice of life nowhere is that more evident than inside a university classroom where distractions abound and students can easily find other things to do rather than focus on lectures and concentrate on homework. “I want them to know the homework assignments aren’t just busy work,” said Steven Neal, an organic chemistry professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.
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Libraries Nationwide Rely on DemoNow to Deliver Extensive Sources of Business Data for Students and Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s a student enrolled in a college business course or an executive navigating the complexities of global commerce, the business community is looking for an edge. Increasingly, that means a trip to the library regardless of whether it’s on or off a college campus.

Cara Cadena, a Business Liaison Librarian at Grand Valley State University, knows this firsthand, as does her public library colleague, Steven Assarian, who heads the public library in Grand Rapids. Each is responsible for connecting information seekers with data that can determine whether their next homework project or business decision is a success. They, along with other Michigan librarians like Karrie Yukon of Bloomfield Township Public Library, encounter patrons who are looking for business resources every day. To help students and other patrons on their quest for information, the librarians point them to what’s quickly becoming a secret weapon for business—the the library’s highly customizable business and demographic data reporting through Demographics Now: Business & People (also known as “DemoNow”).
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Questions to Help Adult Learners Set Their Success Strategies

Typically, the adult learners in your course want to succeed, and they are quite driven towards achieving success. However, most are also balancing many responsibilities, activities, and commitments at home, work, and elsewhere. As a result, they may have an ultimate goal in mind (a certificate or diploma that leads to a job)… but, they may benefit from additional encouragement and support, as well as a “refresher” on the specific traits, positive habits, and attitudes that enable them to earn academic success. In the Instructor’s Manual for her text, The Adult Learner’s Companion: A Guide for the Adult College Student, Second Edition, Deborah Davis provides a set of ten Read More…

Don’t Miss the 21st Annual Cengage Learning Computing Conference!

Join us April 4-6, 2016 in Orlando, Florida for the 21st Annual Cengage Learning Computing Conference—the premiere professional development event of the year!

Cengage Learning’s Computing Conference is our annual two-and-a-half-day professional development event designed for all Computing educators—encompassing course topics from the MS Office suite to advanced topics in Information Security.

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SOS LMS: Using Your LMS as an Adjunct Connector

Using a learning management system (LMS) is a cost-effective and inclusive way to connect with your adjunct faculty members. An LMS portal can benefit your adjunct faculty members and the college in a multitude of ways. An empty LMS shell can quickly be transformed into a communication portal, resource center, and support network for your adjunct faculty members. This webinar outlines how to use your institution’s LMS to create a support network for your adjunct faculty members.
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Improving Learning Outcomes Through Data-Driven Decisions

Cengage Learning understands that an engaged learner is a successful one, and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty and student perspective to transform learning through engagement. This transformation is largely driven by data that informs us about the ways that students and instructors are making use of—and achieving better outcomes through—our digital learning solutions. In this video, taken during this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, Cengage Learning’s Chief Technology Officer George Moore discusses how our organization uses data as we transition to becoming a more digitally focused company. He highlights the ways that our data-driven view of how Read More…

Gale Training Webinars: December 2015

Discover all the tips and tricks that will help you and your researchers get the most out of your Gale resources.

View the Gale training webinar calendar for December 2015, and register for a free session today!

Need more support? Visit, your always-open, one-stop FREE shop stocked with items to maximize exposure and drive usage of your Gale resources.

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Why College Students Choose to Use Library Resources

In a previous post, we noted that a portion of college students opt not to use the college library and its resources as the starting point for their research projects. But under what circumstances do students choose to use resources available to them?

To better understand their reasoning, we recently asked thousands of college students: “What do you like about using library resources to do your research?” Below, we’ve summarized the top reasons that they choose to use library resources for assignments.

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