Author: Taylor Massey - Managing Editor

Tips for Students: Defining Your Values and Goals

The invaluable process of clarifying values and goals can keep college students focused on their paths towards achievement. Remind your students that their path through college may not be exactly that of their friends, their parents, or the path you yourself took because everyone has a unique set of values to help guide them. The important first step of charting a course through college and in life is defining your values. Many of us likely have a fairly similar set of values, but to quite different degrees. A college student may value their grades, their future, relationship building, their health, their community, Read More…

What Gets Students Studying? What Stops Them?

In each course, you’ll encounter students with all types of approaches to learning. With these varying approaches come different preferences and habits for studying as well.  For some, a reliable team of study partners may be the motivating force that keeps students going. For advice on helping students set up study groups, visit our post, “Learning from Fellow Students: Creating a Study Group.” For others, studying alone is either the only way for them to focus or their only option if they’re in an online class with no alternatives. Regardless of circumstance, we at Cengage Learning wanted to learn what the most common study methods and habits are for college students. Read More…

Cengage Learning Success Stories

Cengage Learning White Papers

Our research-based white papers illustrate the impact that current teaching strategies and technologies have on today’s educators and learners. Download one today, and discover how today’s best tools and techniques can benefit you and your institution.

Aplia Improves Learning in Management Courses
A survey of principles of management instructors to assess the impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on the engagement and learning of students enrolled in management courses and on the satisfaction of instructors with the use of Aplia.
Improving Student Economics Skills With Digital Learning Tools: A Study of the Impact of Aplia on Student Learning
This Read More…

Cengage Learning Case Studies

Cengage Learning case studies reveal how real-world educators have used 21st-century resources to lead learners to higher rates of achievement, bring their institution to greater levels of productivity, and increase their own effectiveness as instructors and leaders.  

4LTR Press
Instructors using 4LTR Press products provide a look inside their classroom success
Instructors have seen improvements in student engagement, classroom participation, and positive student feedback when using 4LTR Press titles.
Aplia Sparks Increase in Learner Success Rates in Redesigned Developmental Reading Course at Mid-South Community College
Considering adding an online-learning homework solution to your repertoire but unsure of its effectiveness?
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Cengage Learning Infographics

Enjoy colorful, at-a-glance view of facts, figures, and insights on topics related to education and technology. See how world-class technology products increase engagement, help improve test scores, and streamline your workload.

Make it Count with MindTap!
Our latest infographic shows you the rich benefits that instructors who “Make it Count with MindTap” see in their courses! Discover how assigning MindTap can help improve student outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction.
MindTap: Tapping into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning (Version 2)
Statistics and information reveal how the adoption of MindTap by professors to better engage with
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Course Tools that Lead to Student Success and Satisfaction

With the ever-growing myriad of course tools to use in your classroom, how will you ever choose what works best for you and your students — let alone learn how to master these new technologies yourself? While ease of use is important to student success, as soon as you have developed the skill set to take advantage of helpful tools yourself, you’ll be able to easily instruct and encourage your students to utilize them as well. Read More…

Beyond the eBook: The Advantages of Integrated Course Solutions

Many industry experts see an eBook as a mere transition strategy, particularly in the higher education market, as publishers build out their libraries of integrated, student-centric course solutions that are specifically designed to improve outcomes. This paper provides an overview of the types of ebooks that are currently on the market today, discusses some of the research that has led to the development of the latest generation of integrated course solutions, and concludes with a list of features that instructors and school administrators should look for when choosing a provider of integrated, student-centric course solutions. Read More…

OWLBook: Improving Academic Outcomes in Chemistry at New Mexico State University

Is it possible to develop student study skills in general chemistry, while working to meet or exceed funding markers for success? In this study, follow the success of one program at New Mexico State University. Authored by Bill Vining, Susan Young, Roberta Day, and Beatrice Botch, OWLBook offered Dr. Dunlavy an assignable and online program specifically created to help students succeed in general chemistry classes.

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Increasing Student Learning Outcomes with MindTap

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2012 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester. Read More…