Author: Taylor Massey - Managing Editor

MindTap: Tapping Into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning

Technology is changing the educational environment at a rapid pace, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Today’s learners are not content to learn solely from books. They are used to technology in all aspects of their lives, and the classroom is no exception.

Professors are looking for tools that allow them to better engage with learners while making effective and efficient use of their in- and out-of-class time. This white paper demonstrates just how MindTap targets those specific areas. Read More…

Cengage Learning’s Write Experience Leads to Improved Writing Skills

The development of effective writing skills is widely recognized as one of the most important college outcomes, and it is widely believed that using digital learning tools to support post-secondary instruction improves student engagement and ultimately increases student learning. This study examined the effectiveness of a widely-used, post-secondary digital instructional tool, Write Experience, an online learning solution, employing automated essay scoring, dedicated to improving students’ written communication skills. Read More…


Cengage Learning Sponsored Events

You’ll find Cengage Learning at top conferences each year! Our exhibits are where you can get a hands-on introduction to the industry’s finest teachings, learning and research solutions designed to engage learners and improve outcomes for your course, institution, library or organization.

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Cengage Learning Virtual Events

Cengage Learning takes professional development into virtual realms! From interactive workshops to live-steaming videos, webinars, lecture series, and other digital events, we deliver knowledge that helps you grow–all from the convenience of your screen!

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Tips for Students: How To Reach Your Academic Goals in College

Upon starting up a brand new semester, every college student is given a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate his or her short- and long-term academic goals. Figuring out what you want to achieve and how you will go about it is no walk in the park, but in her book, 100% Student Success, Third Edition, Gwenn Wilson explains just why buckling down and setting academic goals is so important for college students. Goal setting is an important part of succeeding in college. By setting goals, you accomplish the following:

    You set a ‘road map’ for where you want to go.
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Skills Assessment Manager (SAM): Personalization, Productivity & Preparation to Increase Student Outcomes

Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) is an online learning environment that helps learners master Microsoft® Office skills and computer concepts that are essential to academic and career success. SAM engages students in self-paced learning of Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Access®, PowerPoint®, Windows®, Internet Explorer®, and Outlook®, as well as technology concepts and issues.

Can adding digital to your computer courses help? This white paper examines the findings of research conducted across the country with more than 1,000 participants concluding that adding a digital solution to a computer course benefits both instructors and students. Read More…

Tips for Students: Creating a Professional Online Appearance

Students in college face a myriad of challenges that were nowhere in sight ten, twenty, thirty years ago, many of which have the potential to make or break their future success. One big challenge for young adults is knowing the difference between what is beneficial and what is inappropriate to post on their online profiles, as well as who they should be sharing this information with. While many students know that sharing explicit or controversial material online may inhibit their success with future employers, choosing to share nothing at all may not be advantageous either. In fact, social media Read More…

Efficacy of Online Learning Solutions in Introductory Psychology Courses

This report highlights the results of an efficacy study of the impact of using online learning solutions within entry-level college psychology courses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the CourseMate online learning solution on instructor productivity and student achievement and engagement. (To increase student engagement, CourseMate content and functionality is being incorporated into two other online solutions, Aplia™ and MindTap™, which are available and described later in this document.)

Project Tomorrow facilitated this study on behalf of Cengage Learning. Read More…

MindLinks — The New Rules of LMS Content Integration

The quality and quantity of publisher-provided content has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, since the introduction of academic learning management systems (LMS) in the 1990s. Today’s professors expect a wide range of digital content that can be quickly and easily loaded into the LMS.

See how some publishers are leveraging LMS standards to provide instructors with the ability to customize content and achieve gradebook integration within the LMS. Read More…

Tips for Students: Choosing a College Major that Fits Your Career Goals

For some students, deciding on a college major takes no effort at all. Others may choose to take a few intro courses to get a feel for their interests. Should college students pursue a major based on a skill or hobby they excel at or one that may result in the biggest salary or job security? Choosing a major is a big step in your students’ college careers, but doing so will also allow them to begin setting short and long-term goals for their education, which is always something to encourage! Motivate your students to explore careers until they Read More…

Enhanced WebAssign: Increasing Passing Rates in Beginning Algebra

Powerful online homework solution, Enhanced WebAssign, engages classroom learners with immediate feedback, rich tutorial content, and interactive eBooks, helping students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of their subject matter. With passing rates hovering near 75%, could a redesign of beginning algebra to include online homework increase instructor effectiveness and student engagement and retention? In this study, follow the success of one program at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. Read More…