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How to be a Great Instructor: College Students Tell All

In a survey conducted by our partners at Questia of 1,000 college students and instructors, we garnered data on everything from college study habits to relationship building with faculty. We knew that instructors were substantial influencers in students’ lives, but the results may surprise you! According to the survey, “When students were asked who they turn to first for trustworthy academic advice, a whopping 61 percent said it was a professor. When asked who their college mentor is, 46 percent said it was also a professor.” It looks like students put a lot of trust Read More…

A Study of the Impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on Student Learning in Developmental English

This comprehensive research study examined one of the most widely used digital tools in post-secondary education, Cengage Learning’s Aplia. Aplia is an online learning solution dedicated to improving student learning in developmental English courses by increasing student effort and engagement.

According to the research study for this white paper, students in developmental reading and writing courses using Aplia learned significantly more than students using the same textbooks without Aplia. Read More…

Top Ten Things College Students Need From Their Instructors

Whether due to lack of open communication or simply lack of time, instructors sometimes arrive at classroom review time to find that a number of students were not completely satisfied for all or part of the course. To get to the bottom of this conundrum, as part of Cengage Learning’s Student Case Study program, we asked our college student audience what it is they need from their instructors in order to get the most out of their education. Of course, some students’ answers were not surprising: “More extra credit!” Some were rather unexpected: “Nothing, students should put more Read More…

College Student Organization Tricks: Utilizing “The Cloud” in The Classroom

If you’re like most instructors, one of your primary course goals is simply to encourage college students to get the very most out of their short time spent under your instruction. One sure-fire way to achieve this is to help them get and stay organized in their assignments and studies. Streamlined organization clears up the distractions that can take their full attention away from your coursework. Your students have sufficiently adopted the go-go lifestyle of nonstop attachment to some form of technology or another, not only in their personal life, but in their academic life as well. You Read More…

Avoiding Procrastination: Top Time Management Tips for College Students

As our lives fill with professional and personal tasks, chores and other time-consuming activities, we begin to stress and wonder how we’ll possibly manage to get it all done. While you’ve fine-tuned your own tricks to help juggle these responsibilities, your students are now facing the challenge of establishing time-management techniques on their own for the very first time. Unfortunately, no matter how much time students are given to complete a project and how much you remind them, every semester you will find some of your students procrastinate. College students may procrastinate on everything from daily reading assignments, Read More…

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