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Features College Students Love About MindTap for Criminal Justice

What features/tools do students love about MindTap? William “Bill” Mathis, who teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU), gives high marks to MindTap® Criminal Justice, as do his students. The textbook they used was Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy Miller.

In essays written about their experience with MindTap in this class, students praised a number of features and tools. The top three cited were Search, Flashcards, and ReadSpeaker.

See what students had to say about MindTap.

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Health Science Student Strives for Success in School and Work

As a full-time health science student with a part-time job, Samantha Mueller faces the same challenges as most college sophomores, but time management is chief among them. Mueller, whose goal is to secure a career as a physical therapist, considers herself a very tech-savvy and visual learner. She finds online study suits her and allows her to prepare for class and quizzes in a complete and interactive way. Mueller lives off campus and her days are ‘pretty packed’—between exercise, attending classes on two separate FAU campuses, and working at a restaurant, finding time to succeed at everything can be Read More…

Struggling to Engage Students with Traditional Classroom Tools

Today’s community college student is often faced with a difficult decision when deciding how to allocate their time and resources while focusing on work and family or school. Few understand this as well as Danielle Bachan, an instructor at Houston Community College, who teaches busy students about Texas politics and government. Bachan is tasked with inspiring students to learn about issues, agencies, and processes they otherwise might not explore or learn about on their own. Bachan finds her students also have heightened expectations when it comes to technology and how it’s used in the classroom. Increasingly, they expect to Read More…

Enrich Project-Based Learning with Gale and Google for Education

Napa Valley Unified School District Enriches Project-Based Learning with Gale and Google for Education Located in California’s wine country, Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD) serves 18,000 students at more than 30 schools. The district’s mission is threefold: to prepare students for college and careers, provide equitable access to learning resources, and instill future ready skills. To meet these goals, NVUSD focuses on project-based and inquiry-based learning that engages students in practical, real life experiences. Technology plays a leading role, and features a “game-changing”
digital solution that integrates database resources from Gale/Cengage Learning with the communication and collaboration features of Google Apps for Education.

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Conectados Solves the Challenges Faced By an Outdated Text

Teaching Spanish at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa, gives Mary West plenty of exposure to a variety of different students. From typical 18-year-old freshmen to working re-entry students, her elementary and intermediate Spanish courses allow her to interact with students who are digital natives and some who may take longer to embrace online activities and assignments. These courses and students also require monitoring—so she can easily intervene to help a struggling student—and a heavy time investment to accurately correct homework and activities. When West and her colleagues learned that their existing text was going out of Read More…

MindTap Improves Student Engagement, Helps Teach Art

For Victoria Buck, an instructor who teaches art history at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, getting students to truly engage with the subject was a goal. Buck is a mixed-media sculpture artist who would like for her students to see the magic in art in that she does, and therefore wanted her students to see particular pieces and learn specific concepts. Many students are inherently interested, but she feared some may lose interest without interactivity and compelling resources like video. After learning about Cengage Learning’s Art Through The Ages on MindTap from a colleague, Buck thought the Read More…

What Criminal Justice Students Love About MindTap Assignments

MindTap for Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University

What do students love about MindTap assignments?

William “Bill” Mathis, who teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU), gives high marks to MindTap® Criminal Justice, as do his students. The textbook they used was Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy Miller.

Learn what students like in general, about the quizzes and tests, practical application, checking work, video and more.

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Join Cengage Learning at Boston TechJam 2016

Join us at this year’s Boston TechJam! Boston TechJam is a showcase and accelerator for new ideas and world-class innovations coming out of the Boston region. The event brings together early stage companies, entrepreneurs, students, established enterprises, venture capitalists and artists to celebrate the region’s technology, entrepreneurship and culture. This year’s entertainment line-up includes live music, games and exhibits, food, and libations. Additionally, Cengage Learning will be sponsoring the “Urban Beach” event. Urban Beach – New for 2016, New England Venture Capital Association’s (NEVCA) TechGen program has moved Urban Beach, its summer kickoff that provides hundreds of college students Read More…

MindTap Saves Instructor Time, Improves Students’ Public Speaking

Diane Carter has been teaching communication at the college level since 2001, following a successful career in the business sector. Now Carter, Public Speaking Course Director in the Department of Psychology and Communication Studies at the University of Idaho, encounters students from all walks of life and levels of experience. Some, she explains, like to hold the printed book and study the old-fashioned way; others are tech-savvy millennials who prefer everything online, including reading, studying, and communication. Consequently, her approach to teaching her Fundamentals of Public Speaking courses must be flexible, innovative, and appeal to a wide range Read More…

MindTap Helps Practice Social Research, Improve Learning Outcomes

Dr. Mitch Peck teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics and research methods, medical sociology, and stratification at the University of Oklahoma. In his research methods class, Peck points out that students learn by doing, and he felt that his students were not doing enough to master the concepts and excel. His students just didn’t seem to be in full understanding of how to conduct social research, or familiar enough with the concepts to drive their own research studies. “I didn’t feel like students were getting a ton out of the class,” said Peck. “I wanted them to Read More…