Calling All English and College Success Instructors: Prep for Fall with This Virtual Conference

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Author: Audrey Wick, a full-time English professor at Blinn College in central Texas

This year will be a back-to-school change like no other. As instructors ready themselves for the classrooms—no matter how those classrooms might look—higher education is poised to be a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

To help instructors at all levels prepare for the fall semester, Cengage is offering a free digital “Back to School Better” conference, July 30-31, 2020.

Read on for an idea of what this engaging two-day event will offer:

Friday Keynote: “Anxiety, Stress, Trauma & the Brain: Science & Strategies

This session alone made me register for the conference, and I hope you will too. Dr. Janet Zadina is a cognitive neuroscientist who spoke at my own college’s faculty-wide convocation several years ago. She easily remains one of our most popular speakers. That’s because she has a way of bringing applicable brain research into the classroom.

Dr. Zadina contends faculty stress is contagious to students. I want to understand this connection as well as the ways in which anxiety and trauma affect academic performance. Through her presentation, Dr. Zadina promises to help participants create an action plan for instructors and their students as they move into the fall semester. I can definitely benefit from that!

More Great Sessions Across Two Days

Other sessions by top experts (including Cengage textbook authors in English and College Success) are slated.

  • Jonathan Brennan, co-author of On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College, Career, and Life
  • Cheryl Glenn, author of The New Harbrace Guide and the Harbrace Handbooks
  • Robert Yagelski, author of Writing: Ten Core Concepts
  • Jodie Nicotra, author of Becoming Rhetorical
  • Susan Miller-Cochran and Shelley Rodrigo, authors of The Cengage Guide to Research
  • Roberta Alexander and Jan Jarrell, authors of A Community of Readers
  • Constance Staley, author of FOCUS on College Success series
  • Christine Harrington, author of Student Success in College: Doing What Works!

Some of the exciting session titles include:

  • Academic Writing for Student Success and Well-Being in the COVID-19 Era
  • SMART Ways to Pivot-Proof Your FYE Class!
  • High-Quality Learning and Design
  • Raising the Bar for All Students: Critical-Reading Strategies and Mentor Texts
  • Dynamic Lecturing
  • Stress Management 101: Effective Ways to Manage Changes, Challenges, and Constraints
  • Student Ambassador Panel: How We Stay Motivated in Online Courses
  • …and more!

Attending digitally, if only for certain sessions, gives you a chance to engage with both the presenter and participants while earning a free certificate of attendance—all from the comfort of your home.

Networking in this way may prove invaluable once fall officially kicks off because you will have found resources and other instructors in similar situations as you across the nation. Being able to reach-out to them as well as the authors and professionals at Cengage can widen your net of opportunities at a time when we can all benefit from a little extra help.

Check out the recordings from the 2020 Back to School Better virtual conference for on-demand insights and more.