Highlights from the Back to School Better Conference

Highlights from the Back to School Better Conference
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Author: Audrey Wick, a full-time English professor at Blinn College in central Texas 

To help instructors at all levels prepare for their first fall semester during a pandemic, Cengage hosted the 2020 Back to School Better virtual conference during the summer of 2020. Hundreds of instructors, administrators, Cengage authors and other thought leaders gathered to discuss problems and solutions for a semester that was going to be very different than usual.

The tips and strategies shared in each session remain relevant today. Read on for a summary of topics covered and browse recordings of each session for takeaways you can implement in your course.


Keynote: “Engaging and Empowering Learners Through Zoom”

Jonathan Brennan, co-author of On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College, Career, and Life, kicked off day one with his session “Engaging and Empowering Learners through Zoom.”

His practical suggestions for minimizing digital fatigue can be implemented easily—and immediately. In particular, the 20-20-20 method of addressing eye strain is something we should all remember as we’ll likely spend even more time in front of computers this fall.

Watch the Session Now: Engaging and Empowering Learners Through Zoom


More Great Sessions

Check out the other recorded sessions by top experts in education, including Cengage textbook authors in English and College Success.

Other exciting speakers include:

  • Cheryl Glenn, author of The New Harbrace Guide and the Harbrace Handbooks
  • Jodie Nicotra, author of Becoming Rhetorical
  • Roberta Alexander and Jan Jarrell, authors of A Community of Readers…and more!

Catch up on every recording from the 2020 Back to School Better virtual conference for on-demand insights and more.