Guest Contributor: Luba Sakharuk, SLDC Process Manager and Agile Coach, on Cengage Learning’s finalist recognition in BostInno’s Coolest Companies Competition.

Cengage Learning was recently named a finalist in BostInno’s Coolest Companies Competition. And it’s a very cool honor for a company that was founded over 100 years ago but recently underwent a complete transformation.

When people think about cool companies, things that come to mind are bright funky office furniture, workplace games, and beer fridges. As we have evolved from a traditional textbook publishing company to an education and technology company built for learners, we’ve naturally layered in more and more of that stuff.

Cengage Learning Tech Jam

Cengage Learning @ 2016 Boston Tech Jam

But what’s really cool to me–and so many of my colleagues–is making a difference in the lives of people who need it most. We focus on our students.

We have design sessions where students have the chance to redesign a whole chapter in a textbook based on their experience taking the course. We listen to their feedback and improve based on what we hear.

But we don’t stop there. Education is valued at Cengage not only in regards to the outside world and our students, but to our employees as well. Whether it is tech talks on Wednesdays by employees, new technology trainings for developers, or leadership coaching for management, we are constantly investing in learning.

What I believe also makes us the coolest company out there is that our employees have a voice. Together we examine our core personal values and how they align with organizational principles. We see, experience and contribute to the power and joy of learning.

Cengage Learning's Luba Sakharuk

Cengage Learning’s Luba Sakharuk

We never lose sight of the good that comes from changing just one life.  And, as more than a few colleagues have said to me, if we can do that – impact just one life in a day – it’s a good day.  You could say it’s a cool day.

You can help Cengage Learning earn, what I feel, is some much-deserved recognition as a cool company!

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