Guest Contributor: Scott Rudeen, Ph.D.(ABD), MBA, MA, MSM
Criminal Justice Online Program Chair at Broadview University

Developing tomorrow’s decision makers in criminal justice is certainly a tall order. But, this is one challenge I take very seriously, as do most instructors. One of my biggest challenges is finding effective ways to engage my students and build their decision-making skills because I know how critical this will be to their success as a criminal justice professional.

As an online criminal justice program chair, I want to design a learning experience that helps empower my students to reach their potential and make them job ready. Building their confidence to make solid, informed decisions is central to achieving this goal.

This is why the online learning solution I choose to use is MindTap for Criminal Justice. Within MindTap, I have complete ownership of my course allowing me to challenge every individual to apply their knowledge and build their critical-thinking and writing skills. This is accomplished through two applied learning activities in each chapter of MindTap:

  • You Decide gives my students experience making decisions in career-oriented scenario branching activities. Students first confirm their understanding of concepts. Then, they have to make a decision on what they would do in a particular situation.
  • You Justify then requires the student to justify those decisions in writing. This activity not only gives my students writing practice, but it helps build their confidence in making informed decisions they can justify.

If you ask me what I like most about You Decide/You Justify, it would be how I’ve seen firsthand how these branching activities give my students invaluable experience applying concepts to make solid decisions in real-world scenarios.

Without a doubt, MindTap for Criminal Justice helps prepare my students to be job ready through applied decision-making and writing practice. Check out MindTap for yourself!

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