Perri Larson teaches College Algebra and Calculus at Palomar College in California’s San Diego County, where she has been using Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) in Calculus since the fall of 2012.

Perri was introduced to EWA at a webinar, where she learned (and liked) that students could link to video explanations of concepts from the eBook version of her text, Stewart’s Calculus. She also wanted to motivate more of her students to complete their out-of-class assignments, so she decided to test out Enhanced WebAssign, too.

In this success story, you’ll read how Enhanced WebAssign has led to increased student engagement in Larson’s course, especially around the assigned homework. Enhanced WebAssign has also helped students avoid procrastination and come into class better prepared. Many of her students have liked Enhanced WebAssign so much, they’ve asked other instructors to use it as well!


Download the Enhanced WebAssign success story.