What better way to spend your summer than keeping up with what’s going on in the world of libraries!

The Gale Geek is taking a summer break, but you can still review our archived Gale Geek webinars to¬†learn how you can do more with your library’s resources. Catch up on¬†exciting news, best practices, and industry reporting!

Topics from this winter and spring include:

  • Librarian of the Year 2015
  • Databases and Google Apps in the Classroom
  • UX for the People: Empowering Patrons and Front-line Staff through a User-centered Culture
  • Teaching 21st Century Learning and Digital Citizenship
  • Partnering with the University Writing Center: Boot Camps
  • What is Gale Doing About Discovery?
  • Kid, Teen, & Tween Spaces: 21st Century Edition
  • The Way Forward (how to think and talk about the future of libraries with Joseph Janes)
  • Professional Associations: Requirements, Pathways (with and without $!) and Extreme Benefits
  • Libraries as Agents of Change

and more!