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The Journey to OER: A Panel Discussion

Affordability is an initiative higher education is confronting, spanning a host of areas including tuition and fees, and also, course materials. Supporting student retention, cost reduction and overall value is a strong focus at Cengage, says Cengage VP of Content Strategy, Cheryl Costantini, who hosted a panel discussion called “The Journey to OER.” It’s a strong focus for institutions, too. In our webinar, “The Journey to OER: A Panel Discussion,” learn what three experienced higher education professionals are saying about how schools can use resources effectively, one open textbook author’s insights on the OER market, and more.


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Expanding Excellence with the eText Initiative

Fall 2017 marks three years since the etext initiative rolled out at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. We’ve experienced many successes: we saved our students money, increased communication and partnerships across the institution, and our students are more satisfied with their course materials than ever before. Now that we’ve found our groove, we’re ready to expand across more student populations—even beyond ourselves. You may be asking, “Haven’t you expanded already?” Yes, we expanded across Liberal Arts in 2014. In 2015, we expanded the etext initiative into another division at the College. In 2016, etext course offerings encompassed over 60% of the Read More…

Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse: An Astronomy Primer

Dr. Richard Gelderman of Western Kentucky University spoke with Heather Thompson of Cengage, sharing why more than astronomers are excited about this summer’s solar eclipse. Read on to get useful information about getting ready for August 21, 2017.
Heather Thompson: Generally, what can you tell me about the upcoming solar eclipse? Why are you so excited about it?
Richard Gelderman: What I can’t stress enough is that this eclipse goes beyond science. This is a HUMAN event, not just a science event. It applies to every subject area. You don’t need to care about science to appreciate the power Read More…

Podcast: What Neuroscience Tells Us About How We Fall In Love

What is love? This question is usually asked by poets, playwrights and other artists, but today’s neuroscience has a lot to say about the matter, too. In this month’s podcasts, Dr. Freberg discusses “The Psychology of Love” and “Epigenetics in Intro Psych.”

Types of Love

“Love can be so many things, that’s why it’s such a big question,” says Dr. Laura Freberg, Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. “There’s the love we feel as parents for our children, the love we feel for our siblings, our parents, our friends, even our ideals.” Referring to the work of Read More…

Instructors Discuss OER in New Podcast Series

So you’re interested in Open Educational Resources (OER). Who isn’t these days, given the desire to make education more affordable for students? Affordability is certainly a hot topic in education. Though, you may be interested in OER for completely different reasons. You may be seeking OER to supplement your course with new materials, more closely reflect current events or to curate a unique course experience for your students.

Questions About OER

Whatever brings you to OER, the more you dig in, the more questions you’ll likely have:
    What is OER?
    How are faculty integrating OER into courses?
    Are OER materials accurate?
    Are OER materials
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Spring 2017 Accounting Instructor’s Report Table of Contents

The following articles are featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Accounting Instructor’s Report. Enjoy! Trends

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Accounting Instructor’s Report: Spring 2017 Trends

Author: Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA, DePaul University Most of our students today are the so-called “Millennials.” This means they were born roughly in the years 1982 to 2000 (ages 17 to 35). Among other characteristics, they are tech-savvy, confident, practical, team-oriented, impatient and adventurous. Above all they are tech-savvy multitaskers, and prolific communicators. They are impatient with our well-prepared 60-minute lectures with well-groomed PowerPoint slides. They are bored by time spent going over problem solutions. They get their information in short bursts on their cell phones and form Internet services on Twitter and Snapchat. This article is from Read More…

Techniques to Teach Difference Between Absorption Costing and Variable Costing in Accounting

Authors: James M. Emig, Ph.D., CPA, Villanova University; Robert P. Derstine, Ph.D., CPA, West Chester University and Thomas J. Grant, Sr., M.B.A., CMA, Kutztown University To help students truly understand (rather than memorize), we have used our combined 100+ years of teaching experience to develop some “tricks and techniques” for the Variable Costing topic in Managerial Accounting courses. We have found it effective to initially present material in a “simplified manner,” along with some visual props, designed to help students understand the concepts and proceed from that basis to the more difficult material later in the course. This article is Read More…

New Leasing Standard: Challenges and Summary Handout for Accounting Students

Author: Dr. Thomas H. Oxner, University of Central Arkansas Although students may be familiar with apartment leases, and possibly “rent-to-own” furniture stores or car leases, most accounting students will be unaware that businesses commonly use leasing for long-term financing of asset purchases or long-term usage contracts. Lack of familiarity with this financing arrangement implies that the vocabulary and calculations will likewise be new territory for students. In addition, most debt agreements involve complementary journal entries on the borrower’s and lender’s journals. However, leasing agreements do not always result in complementary journal entries at the inception of the lease and in Read More…

Enhance Student Understanding in Intro Accounting Classes

Authors: John E. Dexter, Jr., Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and Julia M. Camp, Providence College Active learning techniques and hands-on learning can be used to explain and reinforce cost concepts in an introductory managerial accounting course. The purpose of this paper is to explain a basic activity used in a lecture and explain how the activity impacts the learning of the students. The activity involves allowing students to take apart and examine products before discussing concepts in class. Instructors using the activity found a considerably significant difference in learning between students using the activity versus students who did not Read More…