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The Value of Information Literacy Instruction

The term “information literacy” may not be familiar to your students. However, information literacy skills — such as the ability to locate and access information, critically evaluate it, and then organize and present the information effectively — are certainly relevant to students’ education, and to their lives going forward. In your courses, you may help students acquire these skills through assignments and activities, or via instructional sessions in the library. You likely also emphasize the importance of proper grammar, style, and presentation, pay attention to the logic and clarity of students’ arguments, and reinforce the seriousness of plagiarism. By Read More…

Four Ways to Integrate Soft Skills in the Classroom

You may be tasked with specific learning objectives and student learning outcomes that have to be met as students walk out your door with a passing grade, but what about those less concrete objectives that you want to ensure are met as students graduate and go out into the world representing your institution? How can you ensure that your students learn those soft skills as they meet those objectives? Here are a few ways to integrate soft skills in your classroom:

    Demand proper spelling and grammar: In McKeachie’s Teaching Tips, the authors write that though it isn’t incumbent upon you to
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