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Former U.S. Representative Weighs in on Retention

The significance of student retention in higher education extends beyond the institutions themselves. In addition to personal and professional growth, empowered learners build stronger communities and improved outcomes for all. In fact, some policymakers have dedicated their careers to supporting strategies that serve students more effectively. According to George Miller, former chair of the House Education and Workforce Committee, retention is about success and ensuring students are positioned to thrive from day one.

Dedicated to Expanding Educational Access

Throughout his 40-year career as member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Miller drafted many pieces of landmark legislation to advance Read More…

SAM’S Real-World Environment Empowers Students for MOS Exam Success

Employers used to prefer candidates with technological skills. Now they often mandate fluency in the use of computer applications, most notably Microsoft® Office. With 86% of hiring managers saying IT certifications are part of their hiring criteria, today’s college students are realizing the importance of preparing for — and passing — the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams. A study involving 1,600 students at 30 two-year, four-year, trade, and vocational colleges identified engagement, preparation, and confidence as three components required to drive student success on the MOS exams. The study also found that Cengage’s Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) provides an Read More…

CengageNOWv2 Helps Students Efficiently Master Subject Matter

Long Beach Community College professor Kirk Canzano teaches financial accounting. But he used statistics to find out if his students’ performance on CengageNOWv2 out-of-class assignments correlated to their success on in-class exams. Short answer: Yes. Overall alignment between CengageNOWv2 homework scores and exam scores was a remarkable 0.93, indicating that homework performance almost perfectly predicted exam performance. CengageNOWv2 deserves credit for keeping students engaged with interactive activities, videos that walk students through problem-solving, and other tools that promote active learning. Canzano likes the automatic grading and gradebook analytics, too. With CengageNOWv2, there’s a lot in the plus column.

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MindTap for Criminal Justice: Engaging Students More Deeply

Criminal Justice instructor finds MindTap to be an efficient, successful solution for engaging his students more deeply in course content. After a painful experience with an online homework tool, Scott Rudeen and his colleagues in the criminal justice department at Broadview University were ready to throw in the towel. Frustration and a lack of student achievement and engagement led Rudeen to the realization that searching for the right online resource was worth one more shot. When Rudeen found MindTap for Criminal Justice, he quickly saw his students begin to show more interest in the subject. At the same Read More…

CengageNOWv2 Improves Exam Performance

SUCCESS STORY for Principles of Financial Accounting Adjunct, Associate Professor La Tasha Roberts’ students at Austin Community College count on CengageNOWv2 for guided help with their financial accounting course. Roberts likes that CengageNOWv2 integrates easily with Blackboard®. Her students like its videos, guided problems, and the study plans that identify their weak areas and help them prepare for exams. And you don’t need to be an accountant to understand the numerical results: grades have improved by 15% and course drop rates have fallen by 20%. Learn more about how La Tasha Roberts used CengageNOWv2 to promote student engagement, improve learning Read More…

Research in STEM: Interactive Reading Assignments

Guest contributor: Vickie Williamson, Instructional Associate Professor at Texas A&M As a chemistry instructor, I’m no stranger to digital learning products. I received an informative demonstration of OWL back in 2001 and was so impressed that I adopted and began using it in my classroom the very next semester.

MindTap General Chemistry

Then, when I saw the MindTap demo, I liked the idea of having my students’ homework questions embedded right into the text on the same screen. However, I wasn’t sure if it could possibly produce better results than OWL. That’s because, from 2001 to 2012 85-95 Read More…

MindTap® Renews English Instructor’s Trust in Digital Solutions at Liberty University

College instructors would rather focus on their teaching than have to deal with digital resource issues. Such was the case with English instructor Travis Holt, who found himself frustrated with his online English lab resource at Liberty University. Since switching to MindTap®, he no longer contends with such issues. “MindTap is much more user-friendly for instructors and for students, as shown by their higher engagement level,” he says. “I admit that my expectations were low given my previous experience, but MindTap exceeded them by far. The fact that everything in MindTap worked the way Cengage said it would work Read More…

Liberty University English Students Give MindTap a Special Shout-Out

It only took 20 minutes of hands-on experience for Virginia Dow to get hooked on MindTap. “It was so much easier to use than our existing digital product. I knew it would be much easier for my students,” says the Liberty University English instructor. She was right — her students reacted “extremely well” to the online resource, and for reasons that went beyond ease of use.

Students Credit MindTap for Course Success

“MindTap has been phenomenal for me and my students,” says Professor Dow. “One ESL student in developmental writing had missed a lot of answers on a test. She asked Read More…

English Webinar Series Part 1: MindTap’s JUST IN TIME Module

Join us in a 4-part webinar series with Cengage Learning Faculty Partner, Audrey Wick, an English professor at Blinn College, and Senior Marketing Manager, Kina Lara, also an English professor at San Jacinto College, where we will identify common problems English instructors (and their students) face and show you to how solve those problems with MindTap!

There’s a MindAPP for That!

Fall 2016 English Webinar Series: Learn more about the JUST IN TIME module

    Are your Comp I and II students coming to class with varied skill levels?
    Do they lack basic, foundational knowledge and skills?
    Do you lack the class time necessary
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Designing a New Experience for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics: Pre-Course Assessments Target Knowledge Gaps

In 2014, the Cengage Learning Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Teams set out to better understand the unmet needs of students and instructors. We interviewed, observed, surveyed, conducted usability tests, and met with thousands of students and instructors from around the country. Along the way we developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of how quantitative courses are taught and learned, the main challenges that students and instructors typically encounter, and how technology is used to accomplish course outcomes. Our initial research revealed that today’s instructors and students in math, statistics, and physics demand more from technology than they did 20 Read More…