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Michigan High School Media Specialists Drive MeL Usage and Student Success

Grosse Pointe North High School, Grosse Pointe South High School, and Oxford High School are the top three users of Michigan eLibrary (MeL) resources for K12 schools in the state of Michigan. Gale wanted to understand what was driving this usage and
find out why these Media Specialists were having such incredible success in integrating library resources into their schools’ curricula. Interestingly, these Media Specialists, although in three different schools, have similar approaches to bibliographic instruction, managing resources, and teaching students how to conduct research. Integrating MeL resources into the high school website, implementing a library curriculum, and collaborating with teachers have all lead to improved bibliographic and research skills among students.

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4LTR Press Course Materials Improve Marketing Students’ Retention and Grades

As a marketing instructor, Professor Beth Deinert of Southeast Community College (SCC) in Nebraska is knowledgeable about the concept of trends. Some time ago she saw a disturbing trend — traditional textbooks creating “readability difficulties” for too many students. The annual uptick in traditional textbook prices was also disconcerting. The fact that her courses were taught online further complicated her selection of an appropriate course solution.
Professor Deinert’s eventual adoption of a 4LTR Press title, MKTG, addressed these diverse concerns and produced positive results. Professor Deinert especially liked the format of MKTG. The textbook was designed by a student-tested, faculty-approved development process, used for all 4LTR Press solutions and determined to maximize student engagement and access across learning styles.
Along with the engaging presentation in the core text, Professor Deinert found the inclusion of CourseMate with MKTG and other 4LTR Press titles to be an important benefit to her students, both because of the online environment in which she teaches and the value of these online resources when evaluated on their own merits.
A year after adopting MKTG, Professor Deinert cites higher retention, improved homework grades, and “more in-depth” and detailed answers and examples in student work as proof that her choice of MKTG was a good one.

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Engaging Physics Students to Go Beyond the Quantitative

For many physics instructors, maintaining motivation and building engagement to better support students with various learning challenges can be difficult. Students often view physics as a series of unrelated facts, concepts, and equations that have little or no bearing on their everyday lives. This disconnect can often lead to disengagement and lack of motivation. Additional common student learning challenges include: difficulty connecting  mathematical formalism and physics
concepts, assembling diverse concepts, and overcoming common preconceptions (or misconceptions).

Physics education research (PER) suggests that by addressing student preconceptions and focusing on conceptual learning, students will achieve a much deeper understanding. Students who connect physics to the real world and confront preconceptions will be better engaged and more equipped to build the necessary conceptual framework to achieve better learning outcomes.
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Driving Student Engagement with 4LTR Press at St. Petersburg College

In Summer of 2010, Dr. John Kurnik of St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, FL) switched from a traditional textbook to BUSN, the introduction to business title from 4LTR Press. Four years later, Dr. Kurnik cites improvement in student retention numbers and a higher quality of assigned discussions as proof that changing to the 4LTR Press solution was “a smart move.” Read this featured case study, and consider how 4LTR Press may be able to help increase retention and improve classroom discussion in your own course.

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Using the IncludED® Course Fee Model to Improve Student Readiness, Course Material Delivery, and Bookstore Sell-Through

The delayed purchase of assigned course materials can often negatively impact student preparedness and success. For this reason, many institutions are seeking new ways to address these concerns, which have an impact both students’ and instructors’ time and their overall experience in the course.

This featured case study explores an innovative partnership which allows course materials to be delivered as part of a student’s fee payment. Read how the includED program has delivered positive benefits to the faculty, students, and bookstore at Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne.
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Aplia Leads to Higher Grades and Success Rates in Logic Courses at CSU Channel Islands

Many Logic instructors face a common challenge of getting students engaged and motivated to practice outside of class. If this challenge sounds familiar to you, you may be seeking a learning solution that helps you increase retention, engagement, and success… without increasing your own workload.

In this case study, you’ll follow the success of Aplia when used in a Logic course at California State University Channel Islands. Read, and discover how Dr. Dennis Slivinski saw significant improvement in student performance, both in terms of their grades and their level of engagement.

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MeL and Gale Join Forces to Boost Michigan’s Economy

MeL and Gale Join ForcesWondering how libraries can help business grow? This study explores the partnership between Gale and the Michigan eLibrary to offer new resources to Michigan’s business owners. Sheryl Mase, Statewide Library Services Director at the Library of Michigan, noted, “I’m not sure the business community knew they could go to the library to find the information they needed in the first place. They likely would have gone to the Chamber of Commerce or the SBDC [Michigan Small Business Development Center].” With MeL providing business-building tools at the state level, funding concerns by libraries are reduced, and small businesses owners or entrepreneurs have the resources and guidance that they need. Read More…

Physics Students Boost Test Scores with Enhanced WebAssign® at Oral Roberts University

Elena Gregg teaches physics at Oral Roberts University (ORU). In a WDG Research survey in which employers rated the quality of graduates of local training institutions, ORU scored 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, besting 21 other schools. Elena uses the Enhanced WebAssign® (EWA) online homework tool to ensure that her students receive interactive problem-solving practice, access to animations and other visual resources, and individual attention that improves their understanding and performance.

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4LTR Press Increases Student Engagement at the State College of Florida

Interested in increasing student participation in a discussion-based classroom? This study follows the success of an Associate Professor at the State College of Florida using 4LTR Press materials. You’ll learn how 4LTR Press has assisted Dr. Clements in meeting course objectives while fulfilling his personal goal of connecting with students.

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Smart Horizons Career Online High School: A Thoughtful Approach for Adult Learners

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) is the world’s first accredited online school district. SHCOE partners with schools and organizations to design, build, and manage affordable, career-based online high schools serving students around the world. A district of Smart Horizons, Career Online High School (COHS) is an AdvancED/SACS-accredited program that enables students to earn their high school diplomas while gaining real-world career skills. Career Online High School employs an innovative curriculum that is aligned to the National Common Core Standards (NCCS), the convenience of an anytime-anywhere online learning platform, and interactive content that engages adult learners and helps them achieve their educational goals. Read More…