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Political Science Professor Keeps Students On Track with MindTap

Tamra Ortgies-Young, Political Science Professor at Perimeter College at Georgia State University, discusses how she’s helped transform at-risk students from day one to keep them on track with MindTap. Challenge Many students must wait until several weeks into the semester to purchase the textbook when financial assistance is processed. From there, they must play catch up with the material, which presents a time management issue. Solution MindTap for Political Science Result MindTap’s grace period and multimedia functionality make sure students start on the right foot and have all they need to succeed. Read more on how Tamra Ortgies-Young has built a positive Read More…

How MindTap Brings Life to Art History For Professors

Heather Jones, Art History Professor at Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY, shares how integrating MindTap into her courses has brought life to Art History and has enhanced learning in her students. Challenge Because classes are 100% online, unique challenges include how to support international or ELL students. Also, the subject matter and related vocabulary are new to most students. Solution MindTap for Art History Result With a variety of interactive features, MindTap keeps things interesting and not redundant. Departmental unity has also presented itself without making instructors change their teaching style and approach. Read more on Heather Jones’ story of bring life Read More…

How WebAssign Helped College Professor Better Engage Students

Ann Darke, Lecturer at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH, began implementing WebAssign in her calculus classes in Fall 2016. She shares how the experience has been for both her and her students.


Tech issues and system downtime increased over time, causing roadblocks for students.


WebAssign for Calculus


WebAssign has been reliable and easy to use, with little to no downtime. It’s easy to use, answers are easy to enter, and it accepts multiple versions of the correct answer.

Discover how Ann Darke was able to better engage her students with WebAssign.

Calculus Professor Transcends Lectures with WebAssign

Daria Filippova, Calculus Coordinator at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, sparks learning among her students—including among non-majors needing more help—using WebAssign for Calculus.


Non-major students need help engaging in class and completing difficult homework outside class.


WebAssign for Calculus


WebAssign improved student engagement and homework completion with its user-friendly digital features and access from any location or device.


Explore how Professor Filippova achieved student success with WebAssign.

Computing Professor Elevates Student Learning with MindTap

Charles Cadenhead, a Computing professor at Brookhaven College in Texas fosters deep learning for both in class and online students using MindTap for Computing.


Online students (including some with learning disabilities) had difficulty engaging and reaching beyond standard books and tests, needing to be better equipped for upcoming career exams and certifications.


MindTap for Computing


With MindTap, students were more engaged students and got better test results in the classroom—and beyond.

Read how Professor Cadenhead better engaged his students with MindTap for Computing

How Professor Elevates Digital Learning with MindTap

MindTap and Cengage support upgrade Psychology professor’s confidence in digital technology.

Digital Learning, Done Better

Social Psychology Professor Carmon Hicks makes student interaction the focus of class time at Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College, so it’s logical that she’d want to promote interactivity outside of class, too. Hicks’ experience with another company’s digital product was so negative that she stopped using it midway through the term. Now she’s using MindTap from Cengage, and she and her students are more than content. In fact, all but two students got an A or B on the midterm, and Hicks is effusive in Read More…

Prof Gets Online Students to Read Critically with MindTap

MindTap makes a world of difference for reading-averse students in an online global issues course.

Course Understanding and Grades Lift with MindTap

“My students don’t read!” Sound familiar? Professor Crystal Garrett faced this common but vexing challenge in her online global issues course at Perimeter College at Georgia State University. Students who didn’t read couldn’t understand and think critically about the subject matter—contemporary global problems with no easy solutions. Fortunately, Garrett found a teaching and learning solution in MindTap interactive activities. “MindTap forces students to read, and brings in real world information in a way that compels them to synthesize Read More…

Business Students Prep for Real-World Success with MindTap

Applied exercises in MindTap prepare future business professionals at California State Polytechnic University to think like managers.

MindTap Powers Complex Learning

Students in Professor Rhonda Rhodes’ capstone strategic management course at Cal Poly Pomona are on a path to careers in business. One of Rhodes’ tasks is to teach them that some problems have more than one answer. But when it came to selecting MindTap, the decision was clear. “I’ve never had service like this,” she says. “And MindTap is unlike anything I’ve ever used.” Her students apparently agree. “On my exit survey, 89% of my students said they liked Read More…

Tech-Savvy Professor Uses MindTap to Tailor Learning

Sociology professor tailors students’ learning experience and captures their interest with MindTap.

Addressing Unique Student Needs with MindTap

Professor Laurie Linhart considers herself tech savvy and likes to stay ahead of the curve. She also likes to tailor her sociology course materials at Des Moines Area Community College with additional resources that illustrate key concepts. MindTap makes it a snap. “I’ve customized the student learning path with additional readings and YouTube clips,” she says. “Other digital products I’ve used don’t have the flexibility to include materials from outside sources.” Linhart also likes MindTap Analytics, which enable her to see how Read More…

Success Story: Fisher College Creates Math Boot Camp With WebAssign

Math is one of the toughest courses students encounter in college. It can become a barrier to degree completion as they struggle with math anxiety, time management and access to quality resources. Fisher College in Boston is helping students overcome this obstacle through an intensive developmental math boot camp that improves confidence and outcomes, while saving students money. Since running the first pilot study in January 2016, nearly all of the students who have gone through the boot camp have passed the program, allowing them to move into a credit bearing class. The customized program uses Cengage’s Read More…