Efficacy and research

Impacts of High School Completion for Adult Learners

Career Online High School

See how libraries are transitioning from repositories and organizers of information to active learning institutions with a measurable impact on adult learners looking for an end-to-end high school completion program.

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Increasing Student Learning and Engagement with MindTap for Economics

MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignments that guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing instructors to measure skills and outcomes with ease.

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2013 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester.

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The Impact of Aplia on Student Learning in Economics

Improving Student Economics Skills With Digital Learning Tools

The results of a study conducted by two independent research firms, MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement, are shared on Aplia’s effectiveness in microeconomics classes in the fall of 2013. 

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Promoting Critical Thinking in Intro and Survey History Courses with MindTap

Cengage Learning wanted to better understand how instructors who teach Introductory (Intro) and Survey History courses use content to develop critical thinking skills in students. To achieve this goal, Cengage Learning’s Market Research team attended the 2014 American Historical Association (AHA) conference in Washington, DC and interviewed 40 instructors of Intro and Survey History courses about how they are using content and what challenges they face in engaging students.

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InSite™ Leads to Improved Writing Skills

InSite is an online writing instruction application dedicated to improving students’ writing skills and is used to support writing instruction and practice. The development of effective writing skills is widely recognized as one of the most important college outcomes, and it is widely believed that using digital learning tools to support post-secondary instruction improves student engagement and ultimately increases student learning. This study examined the effectiveness of a Cengage Learning post-secondary digital instructional tool, InSite for Composition, an online learning solution dedicated to improving students’ written communication skills.  Read More…

Driving Student Engagement with 4LTR Press at St. Petersburg College

In Summer of 2010, Dr. John Kurnik of St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, FL) switched from a traditional textbook to BUSN, the introduction to business title from 4LTR Press. Four years later, Dr. Kurnik cites improvement in student retention numbers and a higher quality of assigned discussions as proof that changing to the 4LTR Press solution was “a smart move.” Read this featured case study, and consider how 4LTR Press may be able to help increase retention and improve classroom discussion in your own course.

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iLrn: Leveraging Technology to Meet the Needs of Today’s Language Learners and Educators

Cengage Learning wanted to better understand the needs of introductory-level language educators who use an online learning platform. Our Market Research team attended the 2013 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), in Orlando, Florida. During the meeting we interviewed thirty-two instructors to learn how they are teaching their courses now, and what resources and services they want to see from publishers. This white paper provides an overview of the results and describes how iLrn helps create a learning experience that is useful, relevant, and engaging to instructors and students alike.

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Using the IncludED® Course Fee Model to Improve Student Readiness, Course Material Delivery, and Bookstore Sell-Through

The delayed purchase of assigned course materials can often negatively impact student preparedness and success. For this reason, many institutions are seeking new ways to address these concerns, which have an impact both students’ and instructors’ time and their overall experience in the course.

This featured case study explores an innovative partnership which allows course materials to be delivered as part of a student’s fee payment. Read how the includED program has delivered positive benefits to the faculty, students, and bookstore at Indiana University—Purdue University Fort Wayne.
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SAM Helps Szymon Machajewski’s Students Gain Confidence and Proficiency with Computer Technology

Szymon Machajewski is an Affiliate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Grand Valley State University. An instructor for eight years, he currently teaches eight sections of Introduction to Computing annually. Szymon uses SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) — an interactive online learning environment that helps students master Microsoft® Office and other computer skills and concepts that are essential to academic and career success — in conjunction with the textbook Discovering Computers. Szymon discovered SAM in 2013 and saw the advantage in using a learning solution that gives students a self-paced, hands-on experience. “I was surprised at how successful SAM is at really bringing out what we’ve known now for a while, based on the research of Dr. Benjamin Bloom, that one-on-one instruction is most effective.”

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Aplia Leads to Higher Grades and Success Rates in Logic Courses at CSU Channel Islands

Many Logic instructors face a common challenge of getting students engaged and motivated to practice outside of class. If this challenge sounds familiar to you, you may be seeking a learning solution that helps you increase retention, engagement, and success… without increasing your own workload.

In this case study, you’ll follow the success of Aplia when used in a Logic course at California State University Channel Islands. Read, and discover how Dr. Dennis Slivinski saw significant improvement in student performance, both in terms of their grades and their level of engagement.

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