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Prof Gets Online Students to Read Critically with MindTap

MindTap makes a world of difference for reading-averse students in an online global issues course.

Course Understanding and Grades Lift with MindTap

“My students don’t read!” Sound familiar? Professor Crystal Garrett faced this common but vexing challenge in her online global issues course at Perimeter College at Georgia State University. Students who didn’t read couldn’t understand and think critically about the subject matter—contemporary global problems with no easy solutions. Fortunately, Garrett found a teaching and learning solution in MindTap interactive activities. “MindTap forces students to read, and brings in real world information in a way that compels them to synthesize Read More…

Business Students Prep for Real-World Success with MindTap

Applied exercises in MindTap prepare future business professionals at California State Polytechnic University to think like managers.

MindTap Powers Complex Learning

Students in Professor Rhonda Rhodes’ capstone strategic management course at Cal Poly Pomona are on a path to careers in business. One of Rhodes’ tasks is to teach them that some problems have more than one answer. But when it came to selecting MindTap, the decision was clear. “I’ve never had service like this,” she says. “And MindTap is unlike anything I’ve ever used.” Her students apparently agree. “On my exit survey, 89% of my students said they liked Read More…

Tech-Savvy Professor Uses MindTap to Tailor Learning

Sociology professor tailors students’ learning experience and captures their interest with MindTap.

Addressing Unique Student Needs with MindTap

Professor Laurie Linhart considers herself tech savvy and likes to stay ahead of the curve. She also likes to tailor her sociology course materials at Des Moines Area Community College with additional resources that illustrate key concepts. MindTap makes it a snap. “I’ve customized the student learning path with additional readings and YouTube clips,” she says. “Other digital products I’ve used don’t have the flexibility to include materials from outside sources.” Linhart also likes MindTap Analytics, which enable her to see how Read More…

Student Powers Through Economics with Aplia

Aplia helped Michael Cymbalisty, a budding entrepreneur and University of Illinois student, get down to business when learning Economic Statistics.

Better Study, Less Time with Aplia

Michael Cymbalisty, a finance major at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is in a hurry to be a “serial entrepreneur.” He already spends time on business projects, but he also has to get through tough courses like Economic Statistics. Aplia expedited his learning process, giving him more time to pursue his passion. “Knowing I had Aplia as my backbone gave me confidence for my exams and assignments even if I didn’t understand the material the Read More…

Student Punts Procrastination Using Aplia for Philosophy

Taylor Weyland admits that she sometimes (just sometimes) waits too long to begin her assignments at Texas A&M University. Using Aplia in her philosophy course changed that.

Aplia Boosted Engagement and Results

Aplia helped me stay engaged with the material,” Taylor says. “I like how Aplia shows you the percentage grade after you submit an assignment. It shows you what answers were incorrect. I also like how it gives you hints when you are stuck on a problem.” Taylor liked the course outcomes even more. “I was pleased with the ‘A’ I got, and was happy Aplia helped me get Read More…

Time-Pressed Student Grows Confident Using MindTap for Nutrition

Time management is a challenge for Rosemary La, who works part-time and is a full-time student at California State Polytechnic Institution in Pomona, California.

How MindTap Empowered Study

Fortunately, MindTap from Cengage boosted Rosemary’s learning efficiency in an online nutrition course. With MindTap, Rosemary could read her ebook and do coursework whenever and wherever. Plus, the dashboard kept her on track by showing upcoming assignments and due dates. “MindTap made me a more confident learner by helping me become more of an independent learner,” she says. “Although the traditional professor/student interaction is a great way to learn, using MindTap helped Read More…

Business Law Student Fuels Success Using MindTap Mobile App

Kimberly Elizabeth Lyons, returning to college after a three year break, has an “awesome” experience using the MindTap Mobile App to study Business Law.


A returning student new to online courses, Kimberly previously felt unmotivated to learn, and was nervous about being back in college.


MindTap for Business Law


MindTap interactive resources made learning fun, boosting Kimberly’s engagement and confidence. The iPhone app enabled her to study on the subway, while the Print feature mimicked the familiarity of printed text pages.

Read about Kimberly’s awesome experience using MindTap for Business Law

Nutrition Student Nourishes Confidence with MindTap

Neha Parikh, a freshmen at Arizona State University studying Nutrition, builds her confidence studying with MindTap for Nutrition.


A Kinesiology major aiming to be an osteopathic doctor, Neha wanted effective resources to help her retain course content.


MindTap for Nutrution


MindTap videos demonstrated interpersonal interactions that the student will likely face in her profession, and helped her remember and apply what she learned; quizzes aided test preparation and built confidence — and she aced the course.


Read Neha’s story of success using MindTap for Nutrition

Study: Accounting Students Thrive with CengageNOWv2

There are myriad ways to study Accounting, but what’s the best way? A review of nearly 3,000 students using CengageNOWv2 from Cengage, found 82% said the online learning platform helped them better understand their Accounting course material.

Study Infographic

This infographic shares a good summary of the study findings, including key insights from students:
“Using CengageNOWv2 helped me understand how Accounting in business fit into the real world through the examples given.”
“I can understand the bigger picture with most concepts now, with the help of the amazing videos. That is hands down the best part of the CengageNOWv2 program.”

What is

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MindTap Sparked Motivation to Study U.S. History

Jeff Jacobs, a Junior at Liberty University, had been skeptical about digital learning products before he tried MindTap for U.S. History. MindTap kept Jeff organized, motivated and definitely made him more confident in course material.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Jeff was annoyed by previous digital experiences, and indifferent about studying in the course Solution: MindTap for U.S. History Result: MindTap offered convenient access to course materials and study tools in one place; Progress App motivated Jeff to work harder to beat the class average. He got an A.

Learn how Jeff got motivated to study and succeed with MindTap for U.S. History

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