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How MindTap Math Foundations Enhanced My Class

Contributor: Yvette Hassakoursian, Glendale Community College (Glendale, CA) The first time I saw MindTap Math Foundations (MTMF) I was astounded by all the implications and possibilities.  MTMF is an all-inclusive solution for all different kinds of learners and all different kinds of instructors.  I had the opportunity to try MTMF with my class and here are the top three ways MTMF benefited myself and my students.

Top Three Benefits of MindTap Math Foundations

Tracking student progress

The student landing page has a modern feel that students can relate to and it beautifully encapsulates their Math past, present and future. The left side has Read More…

Meet New Cengage CIO, Jim Chilton

We recently welcomed Jim Chilton to the Cengage team as our new Chief Information Officer.  Jim brings with him a robust background in technology and software with 25 years of experience in both start-ups and larger businesses.  He most recently led teams at Dassault Systemes where he supported the global, multi-billion dollar business first as CIO and then in a go-to-market strategy role for SaaS and cloud-based products.  Jim hit the ground running at Cengage and is already making an impact by helping students gain the confidence and momentum they need to achieve their education and life goals.  Read More…

Executive News in Higher Ed Newsletter: March 2017

Skills-Based Credentials More Important Than Ever
4 out of every 10 students who enroll in a four-year degree drop out before graduation, often leaving with nothing to show but debt. Is skills-related education the solution?     Wanted: Factory Workers, Degree Required
Today’s workforce demands more skills than a high school education, but less than a bachelor’s degree. Find out how employers are working with community colleges to minimize these gaps.   Why Use an Instructional Designer?
Explore the course development process and how IDs identify learning outcomes, select corresponding content, and optimize comprehension by removing obstacles to learning.   The New Read More…

Career Online High School: How to Build Confidence and Boost High School Graduation Outcomes

Guest Contributor: Dr. Howard Liebman, Founder and Superintendent of Schools, Smart Horizons Career Online Education In my previous post, “Overcoming Educational Trauma with Career Online High School,” I introduced the concept of educational trauma as when “one-size-fits-all” academic systems lead to students having poor experiences and dropping out.

Reverse the cycle by boosting confidence

When we established Career Online High School, it was with the idea of re-engaging adults back into the educational system and providing them with real-world, applicable skills to prepare them for the world of work. By understanding how students experience traumatic events and how they express their Read More…

SXSWedu 2017: Join the Cengage Sessions

SXSWedu 2017: March 6-9 in Austin, TX (Mon- Thurs) The SXSWedu® Conference & Festival brings together a diverse community of education stakeholders to celebrate learning. Visitors will enjoy compelling sessions, in-depth workshops, engaging learning experiences, mentorship, film screenings, startup events, policy-centered discussions, business opportunities and networking. In attendance each year are higher ed administrators and instructors, publishers, students, non-profit and government organizations, k-12 professionals and many more. Cengage will be hosting five sessions at this year’s SXSWedu conference–we hope you can join us.

Monday, March 6

11-11:30 am –  Show & Tell: Building Flipped Curriculum to Enliven Intro Psych (Hilton Austin Downtown Read More…

Overcoming Educational Trauma with Career Online High School

Guest Contributor: Dr. Howard Liebman, Founder and Superintendent of Schools, Smart Horizons Career Online Education More than 30 million American adults lack a high school diploma, which severely limits their career, educational, financial, and social advancement opportunities. According to the World Education Organization, high school dropouts are more likely to live in poverty, be unemployed, go to prison, and make less money. How do we confront this overwhelming problem and re-engage these people back into the educational system? By addressing the educational trauma that impacted many of them in their previous high school experiences.

What is educational trauma?

Some of my initial Read More…

National Geographic Learning Partnership with Precision Exams

Expanding K-12 Curriculum to Provide Certification Pathways in CTE and 21st Century Skills National Geographic Learning (NGL), the K-12 division of Cengage, has partnered with Precision Exams to offer industry-recognized certifications. High school students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs can now earn credentials in more than 170 courses, including health science, building and trades, agriscience, welding, travel & tourism, nutrition and wellness, child development, and 21st Century Success Skills.  The combination of NGL curriculum solutions and Precision Exams certifications supports mastery of key industry standard concepts, with exams delivered in the classroom by a professional high school Read More…

Inside 2017’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference

Last week, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen and CTO George Moore participated in LearnLaunch’s 5th Annual Across Boundaries Conference in Boston. The conference brings together the education and technology community to drive innovation, transform learning and increase achievement using digital technologies. Michael opened Day Two as the featured speaker for the LearnLaunch Accelerator Breakthrough Program Showcase. He spoke of Cengage’s commitment to student success and placed an emphasis on learners who overcome many barriers as they work to obtain their degrees. Touching on the importance of confidence, Hansen stressed the ability of digital tools to help students manage Read More…

The Value of Open Educational Resources

Guest Contributor: Jonathan Mott, Chief Learning Officer
Learning Objects, A Cengage Company When we set about improving learning, we generally begin with some notion of what we want to be better or different for our students. If our focus is on student achievement, we might invest more in instruction, technology, or materials designed to yield better outcomes. Alternatively, if our primary objective is to lower cost, we might look at ways to reduce institutional investments in a program or we might directly reduce student expenditures by replacing current materials with lower-cost alternatives or OER (free and openly licensed educational Read More…

3 Things Stats Instructors and Students Taught Cengage

Guest contributor: Michael Saver, Cengage Statistics Over the past few years, the Statistics team at Cengage has been involved in research with thousands of instructors and students, listening intently to the needs on both sides. We’ve learned a great deal about how students approach their Statistics courses and how instructors teach it. Coincidentally enough, we’ve found that both are looking for a lot of the same things. Here are three of our biggest takeaways from the research that helped shape our new Stats in Practice videos, one of the key features in WebAssign.

Students need to make the connection

“We Read More…