Cengage Learning is Integrating Microsoft Office into MindTap

College students look for every boost towards success they can get, and homework convenience is often a vital component. In an effort to focus on the ever-evolving needs of college students, business statistics and computing students will now have access to Microsoft Office right within MindTap. “Real-world context is key to making the student learning experience more engaging and relevant. Because of the flexibility of our MindTap learning platform, we are able to seamlessly integrate Microsoft technology directly into a student’s learning path in order to give them experience using the live application,” said Jim Donohue, Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning. “This Read More…

Congratulations to the Winners of the Make It Count Contest!

Throughout this spring we received great videos of instructors across the country sharing the ways that they make it count with digital tools. Some encourage classmate collaboration while some foster critical thinking and others involve social media, but all utilize digital resources in unique and compelling ways to engage students in learning. The votes are in, and we are thrilled to announce these three winners of the Make It Count contest:

First Place

Aiyda Evans, Morgan State University

In her Introduction to Sociology course, Aiyda uses YouTube to present music videos from around the world to incite student discussion around Read More…

Adapting Tech Support to Today’s College Students

The idea of a “typical” day in the life of a college student is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp. Between extracurricular activities, work, commutes, and family obligations, a college student’s realm extends well beyond academics. Therefore, it’s no surprise that study habits look remarkably different than they have in the past. With all of the demands on students’ time, the days of spending hours on end studying in the library are becoming increasingly scarce. We interviewed over a thousand students and only 19% of students actually even study in the library. However, with average study times ranging between 1.5 to Read More…

SXSWedu: Learning from the Student Voice

Guest Contributors: Chloe Ryan & Brandon Pinette At this week’s SXSWedu festival in Austin, Cengage Learning sponsored a panel focused on the student voice.  The panel featured four diverse student voices and covered topics ranging from the role of social media in the classroom to gamified education experiences and how digital tools can enhance learning.

Technology in the classroom

The students agreed that as technology plays a central role in all other aspects of life, it’s necessary for instructors to find thoughtful and creative ways to use digital tools inside and outside of the classroom.  Zak Malamed, Executive Director of Student Voice, led Read More…

Join Cengage Learning at SXSWedu 2016

As SXSWedu approaches, we are looking forward to seeing many of you in Austin for what promises to be an informative, eye-opening, and fun conference.

While we’re there, we’ll be hosting three unique sessions designed to inform and inspire you. We would love to see you there!

We also welcome you to follow and join the conversation on social media! Use #SXSWDigEdu for our conversation about “Students Unfiltered,” and use #SXSWeduLO for the discussions on “Authentic Capability Transcripts” and “Innovation Without Compromise,” featuring leaders from Learning Objects.

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Insights From College Students: The “Draw Your Day” Activity

The scope of a student’s life often measures beyond academics. More often than not, there are an assortment of additional responsibilities that hinder the student’s ability to solely focus on school work. These factors range from working a part-time job to raising a family. For these reasons, it’s important for Cengage Learning to align with the students’ lives and be a learning tool that can be used to fit their academic needs.

In order to better understand the life of a student, Cengage Learning led a focus group where they asked eighteen students to participate in a Draw-Your-Day activity where students draw their days from start to finish. The purpose of this activity was to see how and when students study given their already busy lives. Of the eighteen students surveyed, no two responses were exactly the same.
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“This Program Changed My Life”: McDonald’s First Graduate of Career Online High School Shares His Story

In March 2015, Juan Garcia became the first graduate of Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School, an AdvancED/SACS accredited program offered to eligible McDonald’s® employees as part of the company’s Archways to Opportunity initiative. Through the program, McDonald’s® employees can earn both an accredited high school diploma and career certificate in one of eight high-growth, entry-level career fields. Below, Juan shares his story.
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Improving Learning Outcomes Through Data-Driven Decisions

Cengage Learning understands that an engaged learner is a successful one, and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty and student perspective to transform learning through engagement. This transformation is largely driven by data that informs us about the ways that students and instructors are making use of—and achieving better outcomes through—our digital learning solutions. In this video, taken during this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, Cengage Learning’s Chief Technology Officer George Moore discusses how our organization uses data as we transition to becoming a more digitally focused company. He highlights the ways that our data-driven view of how Read More…

MindTap Meetup: A Hit for Professors and Students Alike

From September 14-17, the social sciences team traveled across the country for the MindTap Meetup. Nine Cengage Learning staff members visited fifteen campuses to connect with hundreds of instructors and students. The goal of the MindTap Meetup was to align instructors’ lesson plans with students’ ability to use MindTap as a product and as a supplementary learning tool that jives with students busy lives. While on campus, Cengage Learning focused on communicating with students via focus groups, connecting instructors to other instructors, and by visiting campuses that have yet to use MindTap. While on campus, the Cengage Learning staff Read More…

Digital in the Classroom: Hearing From the Student End-User

There’s a plethora of digital tools available to today’s students… but are they using them? And to what extent?

Who better to learn from than the students themselves?

We recently spoke with Matt Bilotti, Senior at Northeastern University and a member of the panel for “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” Cengage Learning’s session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. Below, Matt discusses why he believes it’s important to include students in the conversation about digital in the classroom.
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