Digital in the Classroom: An Adult Learner’s Perspective

How do adult learners perceive the use of digital solutions in the classroom? Let’s find out by asking one ourselves. We recently spoke with JoAnna Zalkovsky, a student at Navarro College. Joanna, a member of the panel for “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” Cengage Learning’s session to take place during SXSWedu 2016, is an adult learner in the nursing program and also serves as secretary of the college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Below, Joanna discusses why she believes it’s important to include students in the conversation about digital in the classroom.  

Why is it important to hear from students

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Digital in the Classroom: The Student Voice

How do students perceive the use of digital solutions in the classroom? What better way to find out than to ask students themselves? We recently spoke with Zak Malamed, a student at the University of Maryland. Zak is also the Founder & Executive Director of Student Voice, and is a member of the panel for “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” Cengage Learning’s session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. Below, Zak discusses why he believes it’s important to include students in the conversation about digital in the classroom.

Why is it important to hear from students about

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How to Simplify College Students’ Back-to-School Process

Back-to-school time is just around the corner and many students have already started preparing. From early planners to last-minute textbook buyers, every type of student is different. We want to help however we can. Students have far less to stress about with CengageBrain available to help them through the first few weeks of school and all through the year.

1. Get the right materials

When speaking with students, we have learned that many worry about whether or not they’ll receive the right textbook version and edition when ordering online. With CengageBrain, your students are purchasing directly from the publisher, and they Read More…

21 Voices: Now Recruiting Freshmen for This Year’s Program

Do you know any incoming college freshmen? Encourage them to apply for 21 Voices’ 2015/2016 Program Year! We’re taking applications through July 10, 2015.

What is 21 Voices?

Cengage Learning’s 21 Voices Program is a paid research effort that follows students throughout their college years to enrich our understanding of their learning lives. The program focuses on learning about the end-to-end lives of the students involved, with the intention of discovering new opportunities to help students succeed. The insights we glean fuel our efforts to design and deliver products that both engage and delight students.

Qualifications and Rules for Participation in 21 Voices

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Understanding The College Student Experience Today

At Cengage Learning, in addition to our unwavering commitment to educators, we focus on the college student learning experience to determine first hand what it means to be a learner today.

In the video featured below, our CEO Michael Hansen discusses the vital importance of getting to know students personally to discover the many different segments of learners, each with unique goals, ideals, and skills.

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Instructor for a Day College Scholarship Contest: Back for 2015!

You know your most successful strategies for engaging your students. But what would a student from your class choose do to if he or she were “Instructor for a Day”? Now, you can find out! Encourage your students to show their skills and creativity by entering Cengage Learning’s 2015 “Instructor for a Day” college scholarship contest. If they submit a video, they may win one of six college scholarships! Entry is easy (and fun): In a one- to two-minute video, students should show us what they would do to get their classmates engaged and involved in the learning process. The top entry Read More…

McDonald’s® Celebrates First Employee Graduate of Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School

Cengage Learning congratulates Juan Garcia, the first employee graduate of Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School. This program is being offered through a partnership of Cengage Learning and McDonald’s and its franchisees. Having moved to the United States after attending college in Mexico, Juan’s educational accomplishments weren’t recognized by our systems. He attempted to enroll in an adult school in North Hollywood, only to be placed in ESL classes. After getting frustrated with the adult schooling process of having to drive to an institution, he temporarily gave up. Juan continued working at McDonald’s, working his way up from maintenance Read More…

Three Reasons ePortfolios Matter to Today’s College Students

Job-seekers and professionals in many fields such as art, education, and advertising have long used portfolios as a means of displaying their work to prospective employers or clients.

Today, those who have studied a variety of subject areas are using digital portfolios to demonstrate their skills and their proficiency in various competencies relevant to their fields of expertise. According to our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, 31% of college students say that their institution requires them to complete a portfolio. As more and more students, instructors, and institutions see the value of ePortfolios and their power to track progress and achievement against specific learning outcomes, we believe this number will rise.

For these reasons, and many more, Cengage Learning has partnered with Pathbrite, developers of the leading portfolio learning platform. We firmly believe that providing this resource will stand students in good stead as they seek what is a very important outcome: employment in a meaningful career. Below, we’ll explore our viewpoint in greater detail.
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Upskills: Improving Educational Opportunity for Today’s Workforce

The issue of improving educational opportunity for the U.S. workforce is on the minds of leaders across the United States. Policymakers, employers, and educators often use the term “upskill” to describe efforts to help the American labor force to obtain the training they need to reach the next level in their careers and, ultimately, transition to better-paying jobs. Notably, it’s been used by President Obama, who launched his Upskill Initiative during this year’s State of the Union Address. It’s a significant effort—one requiring sustained effort—but also presents a great opportunity for Cengage and ed2go with the potential Read More…

Cengage Learning at the White House UpSkill Summit

On April 24, 2015, Cengage Learning participated in the White House Upskill Summit, a gathering of national business and education leaders to focus on efforts to train more front-line American workers. Among the efforts highlighted as part of the Summit, the Obama Administration announced two new commitments leveraging Cengage Learning’s Career Online High School (COHS), to offer career certificate training and accredited high school diplomas to all eligible U.S. employees at McDonald’s Corporation and Walmart Stores Inc. These partnerships have the potential to change the lives of up to 10,000 front-line workers in the first year. We’re very proud of our Read More…