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7 Steps to Designing a High-Engagement Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom model is one of the fastest growing trends in education right now and it’s no wonder that more and more schools are embracing the methods to improve learning outcomes, engage students, and make learning more fun. One of the biggest challenges instructors face when transitioning from a traditional lecture course to a flipped classroom model is making sure that students are adequately prepared for each in-class session. OWLv2, the chemistry online learning system from Cengage, is designed to support learning through the four phases of the flipped classroom model, but especially during the Read More…

3 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Enhanced WebAssign Course

Now that Fall classes have kicked off, are you and your students taking full advantage of all that Enhanced WebAssign has to offer? The daily grind of class starts can be challenging, from acclimating students to a new academic year to managing your course, there are a lot of moving parts. Luckily, Enhanced WebAssign has a variety of student and instructor resources that can help make things easier. Follow these three simple tips to get the most out of this powerful platform and focus on what matters most—teaching relevant course topics.

Prepare students for an upcoming test or exam with the

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Apps and Tools: How to Get Organized In the Classroom and Out

Computer-based educational technology has spread the classroom experience out of the campus and into the pockets of students and instructors alike. Today, all it takes is a smart phone or tablet to create, share, and communicate ideas, projects, and learning with others. The ability to create a media-rich, interactive, and customized learning experience helps to keep students motivated and engaged. Tools and apps also help both students and instructors to schedule their time and manage their work flow. Here are just a few of the tools and apps that you may find useful.


Here are just a few of the Read More…

Digital Solutions Coordinators: Your Support Team for Success

At the beginning of a new term, you have many concerns for your course—some concerning your students and their immediate needs; others, more administrative in nature. At times, those details include setting up your course’s digital solution and ensuring that it suits the specific needs of your class.

We recently asked Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators: “What’s the most challenging issue an instructor has brought to you and how did you resolve it?” Below, we’ve shared a few of their responses. You’ll see how they’ve partnered with instructors to help them use our solutions to accomplish their course goals.

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Cengage Learning Digital Solutions: Get Your Jumpstart Today!

In adopting a digital solution, you’ve already figured out how to reach your students. Now it’s time to put that digital solution into action to deliver a richer and more immersive learning experience. Cengage Learning’s online trainings give you the information you need, when you most need it, to use your digital solution to derive the best results from your students.

Get up and running quickly and easily! Register today for one of our online training sessions… we have several taking place through the remainder of the fall.

Don’t see your Cengage Learning solution listed below? Access links to our complete list of available archived training sessions.

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Activate Digital Learning Products for Midterms and Finals

The second half of the semester is closing in! Hopefully, all of your students have activated their digital materials as needed for their classwork, but every semester there may be some that continue to put it off. As midterms and finals approach, help your students get the most out of their materials by reminding them to activate all of their Cengage Learning digital products if they haven’t done so already.

3 reasons to activate now

By now, you and your students should be settling in to a good rhythm in your classroom. However, it’s important to take a pulse of your Read More…

Webinar: Five Course Design Tips to Increase Engagement

How do you get the most out of your students?  Do you wish for them to participate more? Complete their homework?  Improve their outcomes? Join us on Wednesday, October 21 at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time for our second seminar in The Journey to Digital Professional Development Webinar Series. Listen as Greg Gellene reveals his five tips for designing a course to better engage college students. Greg will share his experience building a digitally-infused course that increased class attendance and drove homework completion rates to over 80%.  Attend this second webinar in our Journey to Digital Professional Development Series to hear Read More…

MindTap Educators’ Studio: How to Use MindTap… Hands On!

Learn how to use MindTap… by using MindTap! The MindTap Educators’ Studio allows you to experience MindTap as a student while providing a deeper understanding of how you can use MindTap to achieve your desired objectives. Plus, you can earn Continuing Education Credit!

The MindTap Educators’ Studio Will Teach You How To…

    Personalize the Learning Path to build connections & foster student achievement
    Engage students by customizing the Interactive eBook with activities, exercises & assessment strategies
    Effectively use MindApps for teaching & learning
    Use Gradebook Analytics to track student engagement
    Integrate MindTap into your LMS
Features of this self-paced learning resource include Instructor Perspectives videos, Best Practices Read More…

MindTap Message Center: How to Contact Students

The MindTap Message Center helps instructors quickly and easily contact students directly from the MindTap platform. Connect with an individual student, or post a message for a specific group of students.

This video provides a brief introduction to the MindTap Message Center’s features. Begin using the MindTap Message Center and stay connected to your course!
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For Students: Getting Started in MindTap

As a student using MindTap, you have important course information, useful apps, and helpful resources right at your fingertips.

In the video below, you’ll find quick tips that will show you how to get started in MindTap. You’ll see:

  • Where you can get a a snapshot of your activities, scores, and class announcements
  • How to run a system check, to ensure your computer is set up for an optimal MindTap experience
  • The various views you can get into your course materials, assignments, and schedule
  • Where to find helpful study tools, such as the glossary, flashcards, and StudyHub
  • How to keep track of your progress in the course using the gradebook
  • How to connect with our Customer Support team and send us your MindTap feedback
  • And more!

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