Professional Training and Development

Adding Personalized Video to Your MindTap Learning Path

Are you using MindTap? There are many great ways for you to customize your MindTap course with your own content.

In this video, we take you a step beyond just inserting content and videos into the MindTap Learning Path. Learn how to add assignments, PDF files, and videos that YOU create.

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As Seen in MindTap: How Do You Solve a Problem?

This quick video shows how to work on solving a problem, as shown within MindTap.

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Cengage Learning Solutions: How to Set Up Your Course

You’ve adopted the Cengage Learning digital solution that best suits the needs of your course and your students. Now, you’re ready to put that digital solution into action!

Access live and on-demand webinars to get the information you need—when you most need it. You’ll learn how to use your Cengage Learning solution to deliver an immersive learning experience and enable your students to achieve academic success.
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The MindTap Reader for Students

Students’ lives are busy and filled with many responsibilities and activities. With MindTap, they can access all of their course material and study tools from one spot.

In this video, we introduce you to the MindTap Reader. Students confirmed it was their favorite feature. With Readspeaker, they can listen to the course material. They can also print the material and take it with you, or take your notes and highlights right inside the Reader. Check out the MindTap Reader for yourself!

The MindTap Mobile App

We know that the phone is an essential part of students’ day, and they need study tools to keep up with their busy lifestyles. Now, with MindTap, they can prepare for their courses anytime, anywhere… right from their smartphones.

Download the app today!

The MindTap Mobile app on iTunes

MindTap Mobile app on Google Play

(Note: You must be enrolled in a course that is using Cengage Learning’s MindTap and have accessed MindTap on your computer before you can use the app.)


Get Started on the InSite MindApp: How-To Videos

InSite from Cengage Learning is a fully integrated, productivity-enhancing classroom solution that delivers an all-in-one perspective on your students’ work. InSite is available as a MindApp within MindTap for Composition.

If you’d like some assistance in using the InSite MindApp in your course, review the videos in the playlists presented below.

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Get Started on Diet Analysis Plus: How-To Videos

Relevant and rewarding, Cengage Learning’s Diet Analysis Plus makes it easy for students to track their diet and activity with personalized profiles and practice what they learn through interactive nutrition labs.

If you’re using Diet Analysis Plus in your course this term, review the featured videos below for tips that will help you and your students get started.
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Get Started on CSFI 2.0: How-To Videos

Cengage Learning’s College Success Factors Index 2.0 (CSFI 2.0) is an online resource that assesses students’ patterns of behavior and attitudes in areas that have been proven to affect student outcomes for success in college.

Are you and your students using CSFI this term? Gather helpful tips for getting started in the videos featured below.
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Cengage Learning’s Digital Options Engage and Educate

With all sorts of digital tools at your disposal, how do you find the right ones for your course and integrate them in a manner that engages your students?

Your Cengage Learning team is here to help:
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Get Started on OWLv2: How-To Videos

Created by teaching chemists, OWL is a powerful online learning system for chemistry. Its unique Mastery Learning approach allows students to practice at their own pace, receive meaningful feedback and access a variety of learning resources to help them master chemistry and achieve better grades.

Will you be using OWLv2 in your course this term? Gather helpful tips for getting started in the videos featured below.
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