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Accounting Instructors’ Report, Summer 2008: Table of Contents

What Do You Need To Know About IFRS?
Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA, DePaul University
Marian Powers, Ph.D., Northwestern University
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Accounting Instructors’ Report, Fall 2009: Table of Contents

And Now There Are Three: IFRS for SMEs

Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA
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The Path to Publication

Many educators view publication as an important step on their career path. However, there are many points on the path from aspiration to publication – so how might you go about reaching this important career milestone successfully? In this webinar, Raquel Alexander, Associate Professor of Accounting at Washington and Lee University, shares her successes and failures along the way to having her research published in scholarly journals. Though her presentation addresses some topics and resources particular to Accounting and Taxation instructors, her suggestions on how to make the most of one’s relationships with editorial staff will benefit anyone hoping Read More…

Say “Goodbye” to the Boring Lecture

You have seen a number of class sessions over the years; either you conducted them yourself, or you witnessed others conducting them. Each one falls into one of three categories: the good, the bad, and the uh—what was that? It does not matter if you’ve taught for a number of decades, a number of years, or just a matter of months, there’s always room to evaluate, fine tune, and perfect your presentation and teaching style. Here are five tips for taking what you already do well and cranking it up, making your class presentations not only something you, as Read More…

Workforce Education Initiatives that Reach Non-Traditional Students

Guest Contributor David Garza, Vice President, Careers and Computing, Cengage Learning The definition of non-traditional students is varied and can include individuals with a variety of demographic characteristics ranging from age and gender to ethnicity and income. For this discussion let’s focus on a sub-set that has a common interest related to the “why” they are enrolled in higher education. The “why” is to gain employment in a job that earns a family sustainable wage. Who are these “non-traditional” students? They are low-skilled working adults, veterans, military spouses, low-income young adults, displaced workers and single parents. This cohort has very different Read More…

It’s Thanksgiving Week: Take a Deep Breath

You’ve likely got a lot on your mind this time of year: On top of your regular class sessions, department meetings, and social responsibilities, you have papers to grade, exams to administer, and holiday meals to prepare. Without proper self-care, these can become a recipe for burnout. Thankfully, most of us have a few days off to enjoy before we launch into December. In recognition of this busy time, we’d like to share some tips adapted from the Health CourseMate for Jeffrey S. Nevid and Spencer A. Rathus’ HLTH.  We hope that these ideas provide you with the small nudge you need Read More…