Professional Training and Development

Engaging Professional Development: Best Practices for Adjunct Faculty Members

Are you looking for ways to increase adjunct faculty attendance at your professional development sessions? Are you running out of engaging topics? In this webinar, Sherri Singer provides information about best practices for designing an engaging professional development program specifically for adjunct faculty and highlights adjunct-tested and adjunct-approved topics.
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Discovering Digital Learning within Art at CAA 2016

From February 3 to 6, 2016, the Cengage Learning Arts team attended the College Art Association Conference in Washington, D.C., the largest international forum for professionals in the visual arts. From interactive sessions led by distinguished scholars, to informative in-booth demonstrations, to cutting-edge focus groups, this year’s CAA was one for the books.
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Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher: Part 1

The classrooms of the twenty-first century will include a multicultural group of students from diverse backgrounds. This creates a golden opportunity for instructors to reexamine their instructional methods and pedagogy.

Join Essie Childers, a professor at Blinn College and a Faculty Partner for Cengage Learning, in this first podcast in unfolding what it means to be a culturally responsive teacher.
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Seven Ways to Create a Warm and Inclusive Work Environment for Adjuncts

Are you excited about going to work? Do you feel connected in your department? Do you have a mentor? Does anybody in the department know your name?

In this podcast, Essie Childers, a professor at Blinn College and a Faculty Partner for Cengage Learning, will show ways to welcome and appreciate adjuncts from day one to the end of the semester.
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Gale Training Webinars: February 2016

Discover all the tips and tricks that will help you and your researchers get the most out of your Gale resources.

View the Gale training webinar calendar for February 2016. Then, register for a free session today!

Need more support? Visit, your always-open, one-stop FREE shop stocked with items to maximize exposure and drive usage of your Gale resources.

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Make it Count! Show Us How You Assign Digital… and Win

It’s clear to see that digital is the place to be, especially for students. According to a recent article, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

Digital counts. According to recent studies, student engagement and outcomes improve when instructors require digital course material and make it at least 20% of their grade, proving that screen time increases scores over time.

So—how do you make it count? Show us!

Submit a short video sharing how you assign digital. You could win a paid trip to a national conference, scholarship funding, and more, plus the opportunity to share your ideas with peers and learn from one another!

All you’ll need to do: in two minutes or less, tell us your favorite digital assignment and how it engages your students.

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Exploring Education at NAEYC

From November 17–20, Cengage Learning attended the NAEYC Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Cengage Learning had a delightful time with Education professors and students in the booth, in Focus Groups, and at the Award Ceremonies. Many instructors and students attended in-booth demos to learn about our personalized learning platform, MindTap. During one demo, an impressed instructor mentioned how much easier her life was going to be with MindTap. The provided assignments, including scenario-based problems that reflect real-life teaching situations, augment student learning while minimizing the instructors’ work in administering a digital course. Instructors can modify the platform based on Read More…

Digital Learning Tools: Solutions for All Price Points

Education changes nearly every year as newer technologies and methods arrive. College students and instructors now have more options than ever before. Today, digital and online learning opportunities are abound for students around the world, even creating chances to learn where there simply may have been none previously. And the future of higher education is only getting brighter.

Assign only what is needed

Digital tools give you and your students more flexibility in what is assigned to them. For example, students can purchase single eChapters through CengageBrain as opposed to the entire eBook. This means you can feel more comfortable assigning a text that you Read More…

Digital Solutions Coordinators: Your Support Team for Success

At the beginning of a new term, you have many concerns for your course—some concerning your students and their immediate needs; others, more administrative in nature. At times, those details include setting up your course’s digital solution and ensuring that it suits the specific needs of your class.

We recently asked Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators: “What’s the most challenging issue an instructor has brought to you and how did you resolve it?” Below, we’ve shared a few of their responses. You’ll see how they’ve partnered with instructors to help them use our solutions to accomplish their course goals.

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Wishing You the Best in 2016

We at Cengage Learning’s Engaging Minds blog wish you all the best in 2016!

We’d also like to thank you for visiting and reading the Engaging Minds blog in 2015. We’ve enjoyed your comments and feedback, and we hope to see you again throughout 2016!
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