How Students Can Get the Most from Their Summer Work Experience

For many college students, summer break is for more than working on their tan. It’s a time to get valuable work experience and earn a few dollars toward tuition. With some guidance and planning, students can make sure that they get the most benefit possible from their summer job. The good news is that their employment doesn’t have to be directly related to their major for the experience to add value to their education.

Start with a plan

For those who have found a focus for their future, a summer job that is related to their major is the Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Network with Your Instructors

Communicating with instructors is a skill that a lot college students struggle with, but the advantages are many. You’ll find that there are many scenarios throughout your education and career when academic contacts will be of good use; however, if you wait too long, it may be too late. If you’ve never stayed in touch after finishing a course, try these helpful hints for networking with instructors and TAs.

Why stay in touch?

According to Clifford W. and Lynn A. Eischen in their book, Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking, and Interviewing, networking is about relationships. When you know someone, they are more inclined to help you, especially when Read More…

Help Your Health Care Students Develop Vital Soft Skills

Soft skills, especially communication and empathy, are important in all fields, but they’re vitally important for college students pursuing careers in the health care field. There’s a reason the term “bedside manner” came into existence! Having people skills is central to interacting with patients, even if your students are looking into health care finance and expect to end up in a billing office. You can help increase your students’ cultural competency by focusing on some of the important soft skills that they’ll need as professionals.

Dealing with uncertainty

Patients don’t want to think their doctor or health care staff are uncertain Read More…

How to Help Business Students Develop Soft Skills

According to, 80 percent of hiring managers surveyed stated that they couldn’t find enough job candidates with strong soft skills such as punctuality, speaking, writing, listening, and collaborating. Moreover, the managers predicted that these soft skills will become increasingly important as the business world becomes more globalized. Recruiters can deal with graduates who have a sparse resume if the candidate can show strong soft skills. How can professors ensure that their students develop these skills?

Aligning experience with skills

Students are inclined to bemoan their lack of job experience as they approach graduation. As instructors, we can help them Read More…

Summer Projects to Boost Student Resumes

Summer break is a great time for students to develop marketable skills to prepare for the transition from academia into the workforce. We’ve all heard that summer internships are instrumental in helping students gain valuable professional experience, develop on-the-job skills, and determine if they’re on the right career path—but what if you don’t have an internship? Whether they didn’t have enough experience, bombed the interview, or simply can’t afford to work for free for 20+ hours a week, many students are currently facing a summer sans-internship. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t still use their summer break to develop Read More…

College Students Need Workforce Development

Many college students are not as prepared for the workforce as they think they are. They are lacking in soft skills such as communication and team work, and in digital technology. Employers believe it’s up to educators to prepare future employees in career development and job skills. Here are some tips for teaching workforce development in your classroom.

College students lacking in soft skills

A survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) found that employers and students do not sync when it comes to skills needed for the workforce. Employers are looking for vital skills like oral Read More…

Tips for College Students: Summer Employment in Your Major

You may be dreaming of a break from June through August, but summer employment, particularly a job within your major, can offer a tremendous boost to your future career prospects. Figuring out how to find a summer job that parallels your major can be a challenge. Here are some tips for college students hoping to do a bit more to get ahead in their future career.

Beyond summer employment

Figuring out your future career may seem pretty daunting to most college students. Finding summer employment is good practice and can actually be treated with the same discipline and approach. In Read More…

Tips for College Students: Soft Skills for Internship Success

This summer, thousands of students will take the first step in their career and undertake a summer internship in order to develop marketable skills and build their professional network. Internships have become an invaluable step on the journey to career success for many, and while most employers know not to assume a wealth of professional experience from their interns, they will expect their interns to have the soft skills necessary to get along in a professional work environment. “Soft skills” are associated with a person’s emotional intelligence quotient and generally characterize how a person relates to others—essentially, people skills. Read More…

Soft Skills for STEM Success

While there are thousands of STEM positions open and waiting for workers to come and fill them, there is a lack of work-ready STEM professionals graduating from higher education institutions. However, rather than lack the technical skills necessary to complete the work, many of these candidates lack the ability to be an effective employee to the organization because they lack the necessary soft skills for success. Read More…