Less Barriers, More Access

With more than 20 years of experience teaching college-level Math, Cengage Author Joanne Lockwood reflects on how Cengage Unlimited will help remove barriers and offer more access points to quality learning materials for all students. Her excitement around Cengage Unlimited is fueled by her commitment to helping Developmental Math students overcome their challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.   1. What was your initial reaction to Cengage Unlimited? My first reaction was, “How innovative! How exciting!” Students will have access to everything—and at a low cost. The greater the number of Cengage Unlimited courses their professors select, the lower the cost Read More…

AIR Fall 2016 Needles Trends: Developing Highly Motivated Students

“The makeup exam will live forever. During my 39 years of teaching Accounting, I have tried different methods for dealing with students missing and exam and wanting to take a makeup. I had an epiphany recently and thought I might share the idea with the rest of the academic accounting community. The idea is my new plan for dealing with makeup exams. Perhaps this method has been around for years and I am just way behind times. This article is from the Accounting Instructor’s Resource, an electronic journal that provides teaching tips and insights to those who teach accounting Read More…

Accounting Instructors’ Report, Summer 2016: Table of Contents

The following articles are featured in the SUMMER 2016 issue of the Accounting Instructors’ Report: TRENDS
Guidelines for Writing Multiple-Choice Items
Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA ARTICLES
The Integration Of Fraud Examination Concepts Into Introductory Accounting Courses
Phyllis Belak, CPA, CFE
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Lori Fuller, Ph.D., CPA
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Flynn, Ph.D., CPA
West Chester University of Pennsylvania Accounting Teams: Are Peer Evaluations Too Generous?
Laura Rickett, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Cleveland State University
Deborah Smith, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Cleveland State University TEACHING TECHNIQUES
Teaching Aid-Exploring Accounting and Reporting Alternative for the Inventory LCM Procedure
Kennard Read More…

College Students’ Insight on OWLv2 and Sapling at UC San Diego

OWLv2 vs Sapling Learning Thirty-four students taking Chemistry at UCSD responded to a survey, giving their feedback on their experiences using Cengage Learning’s OWLv2 and Macmillan Learning’s Sapling, both digital homework solutions. On a scale of 0 to 10, students gave a relatively low average rating of 5.12 on the value of their print textbook. For the two digital homework solutions, students were split on which one they would be most likely to recommend to a friend. But when it comes to the digital solution they feel is helping them learn better, 85% (29 out of 34) chose OWLv2.

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Competing with Google and Providing Vetted Reference Materials

Finding quality, curated research material—and getting students to look beyond Google—can be challenging. But there is a better way. Librarians want their students to locate the best information for research projects without wasting time fishing around on the Internet, hoping what they find is relevant and trustworthy. However, many college students are so used to using search engines like Google, and crossing their fingers that what turns up is appropriate, and changing ingrained behavior can be tough. Lasell College librarian Jill Shoemaker has discovered a better way to help her honors students find and identify trusted resources for their research Read More…

MindTap Promotes Student Success in Statistics for Psychology

How do you motivate students to persist and succeed in your Statistics for Psychology course? When MindTap counts for at least 20% of their grade, students in Statistics for Psychology classes are engaging in course material more and performing better. Recently, we analyzed MindTap usage across the 2014-2015 academic year. The data demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes. The data shows that students who use the platform consistently are more likely to improve their grades. When MindTap assignments count for at least 20% of their grade, students spend 50% more Read More…

MindTap Helps Non-Majors Biology Students Succeed

What goals do you have for the students in your non-majors biology course? If you’d like to see improved outcomes and participation, think about using and assigning MindTap in your course. Students are spending more time on their homework and earning better grades when MindTap counts for 20% of their grade.

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MindTap at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Cengage Learning’s MindTap is the digital learning solution that helps instructors transform today’s students into critical thinkers. In this video, you’ll see how MindTap is helping the students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. You’ll also learn how instructors at RIT can use MindTap to personalize learning for all students who share similar challenges with time management and course material.



Financial Statements from 30,000 Feet: Six Numbers and Four Ratios Tell The Story

Teaching and learning introductory accounting can be overwhelming for students and instructors. The enormous volume of content creates a challenge … to step back and look at the big picture. Over the years we have implemented an approach in our classes that serves as an anchor to teach the basics of double-entry while at the same time emphasizing the uses of financial statements in managing a business.

Our approach is called Financial Statements from 30,000 Feet. While it is important to know the details, it is vitally important for business students to view the statements and see the elements of financial statements, their relationships. and how they change when actions (transactions) affect them.
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New Year’s Resolutions for Educators’ Professional Development

At this time in December we start to think about all we’ve accomplished in the past year—and all we want to accomplish in the next. Many of you may be going through the same process. Below, we’ve listed a few New Year’s resolutions for educators’ professional development. Review the list—perhaps you’ll get inspired! Or, maybe we’ve included a resource that you’d like to share with your colleagues.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for your professional development and growth? Share them in the comments.

1. Try a new activity or teaching strategy
Whether you’re interested in implementing a few new activities or Read More…