New Year’s Resolutions for Educators’ Professional Development

At this time in December we start to think about all we’ve accomplished in the past year—and all we want to accomplish in the next. Many of you may be going through the same process. Below, we’ve listed a few New Year’s resolutions for educators’ professional development. Review the list—perhaps you’ll get inspired! Or, maybe we’ve included a resource that you’d like to share with your colleagues.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for your professional development and growth? Share them in the comments.

1. Try a new activity or teaching strategy
Whether you’re interested in implementing a few new activities or Read More…

Top Five Overdone Issues in Education

Guest contributor: Alison Pase, VP, Internal Communications, Cengage Learning. Last week, I shot a cranky e-mail to colleagues about five education stories that make the rounds every September…yet say nothing enlightening, helpful, or new. As we shift media seasons from “Back to School” to “Halloween already?,” those same friends suggested I get this off my chest and get engaged. Here are my five picks for groaner education topics: The value of a liberal arts degree – Education has value, period. Liberal arts degrees do teach people to think. Students also learn to think critically from career and skills education, internships, jobs, Read More…

Join Us for the Tenth Annual Economics Teaching Conference

Cengage Learning and the National Economics Teaching Association invite you to join us in San Diego, November 6 and 7, 2014, for the Tenth Annual Economics Teaching Conference!

This two-day conference combines sessions by some of the most creative economics instructors in the country with keynote talks by top economists and today’s thought leaders.
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What Motivates Our Students?: Part II

In this Trends article, Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Ph.D., CPA addresses some characteristics that will help us understand what motivates students today, how we can meet students on their own ground, and how we can improve the accounting learning process.

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Towards Constructive Alignment: Mapping the Territory

As part of a larger teaching and learning (T&L) project, a team based at The University of Sydney, within the Faculty of Economics and Business became aware of the significant challenge faced by academics in “constructively aligning” (Biggs, 1996) their teaching programs with the T&L objectives of the university, faculty and discipline concomitant with providing quality T&L outcomes for students. In this article, the authors describe the development of their model for constructive alignment. Read More…

Message from Michael Hansen: Cengage Learning Emergence from Ch. 11

I am delighted that Cengage Learning has now successfully completed its financial restructuring and, as of today, has emerged from Chapter 11. The last nine months have been challenging, but we are moving forward as a better, stronger company because of it. The restructuring process has made Cengage Learning a financially healthy company, with excellent liquidity and the flexibility to accelerate our growth in providing the best selection of educational and research content, innovative digital solutions and personalized services. During the restructuring, we reviewed every aspect of what we do to make us an even better partner for Read More…

Cengage Learning Emerges from Chapter 11

Watch the below video featuring Michael Hansen, CEO, for information on Cengage Learning’s emergence from Chapter 11.


Finding a Needle in a Data Stack: It’s All about the Metadata

Contributor: Ray Bankoski, Vice President, Electronic Asset Management, Cengage Learning Thanks to the digital age, we have access to information like never before. Although a single online database may host millions of digital images, users can easily and quickly find the exact piece they need by inputting a simple search term. Well, this process may seem simple to the user, but an incredible amount of work goes into creating the ease of access so many take for granted. This seemingly magical solution is metadata, and it is the key to the world-renown Gale Digital Collections product line produced by Read More…

The Three C’s of Digital Imaging

Contributor: Ray Bankoski, Vice President, Electronic Asset Management, Cengage Learning At Gale, part of Cengage Learning, we preserve history through the digitization of millions of pages each year. Using our extensive experience, we’ve developed what we like to call the three C’s of digital imaging, a guide to the industry’s best practices.


To take primary sources from their original paper format into easily accessible digital files, we employ two types of scanners. The number of each is carefully determined based on the type of material included in project. The preferred type of scanner is of the semi-automated variety. Semi-automated scanners have Read More…

Rats Fleeing the Sinking Ship! Saving the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition for Posterity

Contributor: Seth Cayley, Head of Research Solutions, Cengage Learning EMEA    

The Mauretania docking at Liverpool, 1926.

The Atlantic Edition

In 2013, Cengage Learning released the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004, the complete archive of what the New Yorker has described as “the newspaper that rules Britain.” During our research into the project, we discovered a long-forgotten treasure of the newspaper’s history. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Daily Mail published an “Atlantic Edition”: a completely separate version of the newspaper for sale on the transatlantic liners that sailed between New York and Southampton. What made this so revolutionary was that Read More…