It’s the end of another year, and from STEM education to augmented reality, we’ve had the pleasure of covering a lot of great topics!

Now we’re taking time to look back at 2016’s most-read, most-shared, and most-discussed posts at the Cengage blog. As you wind down from fall semester, see what trended the best this year:

Highlights of 2016 from the Cengage blog

1. Great Icebreakers for the College Classroom

We asked Cengage’s Faculty Partners: “What’s your favorite ‘icebreaker’ and how do you use it in class?” Whether you teach in a classroom or in the online environment, we believe you’ll find something that will engage your students!

2. Closing the Gap in STEM Education: The Appeal of Technology in the Classroom

What do students want from math and science courses? Our infographic “Closing the Gap in STEM Education: The Appeal of Technology in the Classroom,” shows the challenges students face and what they want to help them succeed.

3. Joining Forces: Reflections on Visiting the White House

Veteran and Cengage employee Danielle Hannigan joined First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden at a Joining Forces event honoring companies, including Cengage, that commit to train or hire veterans and military spouses.

4. In Defense of Learning Grammar Rules

Lawrence Barkley and Christine Sandoval, authors of Grammar and Usage, Naturally, 1st Edition, explain the challenges and the importance of teaching college students good grammar. Enjoy their entire series on teaching grammar best practices.

5. Augmented Reality as a Learning Tool is Not so Farfetch’d

Remember this summer’s Pokémon Go craze? Chances are good that this interest in augmented reality is not going away and may actually have the potential to change the way we learn.

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