Cengage Leaning Infographics

Enjoy colorful, at-a-glance view of facts, figures, and insights on topics related to education and technology. See how world-class technology products increase engagement, help improve test scores, and streamline your workload.

Make it Count with MindTap!
Our latest infographic shows you the rich benefits that instructors who “Make it Count with MindTap” see in their courses! Discover how assigning MindTap can help improve student outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction.
MindTap: Tapping into Technology to Engage Learners and Transform Learning (Version 2)
Statistics and information reveal how the adoption of MindTap by professors to better engage with learners makes effective and efficient use of in- and out-of-class time.
Get Plugged In: 10 Attributes of a Successful Online Student
Though students increasingly opt for online courses, many of them are unprepared to work in this environment. This infographic lists the practices and attributes of students who succeed in online programs—a great resource to share with your class.
How to Grade a Billion Assignments: An Aplia Timeline
From an answer-and-click alternative to a robust multimedia interactive experience, Aplia has become the premier digital homework solution for Higher Ed.  This infographic traces historical markers, from Aplia’s beginnings to today, to mark its journey to 1 billion homework submissions (and beyond!).
Aplia: Engaging and Educating Learners through the Transformation of Homework
Get a graphical view of how this customizable homework solution supports learning and engagement.
Nineteenth Century Collections Online: A groundbreaking multi-year global digitization and publishing program
Following the launch of Nineteenth Century Collections Online in 2012, this infographic provides a snapshot of the state of the resource, Cengage Learning’s continued dedication to the preservation of primary source documents, the efforts to create and continue to expand the archives, and after one full academic semester, an overview of customers and usage highlights.
Read It, Watch It, Listen to It-Gale It!
A high-level review of the results and conclusions of a two-year study completed at McKinley Tech High School with Project Tomorrow. (Whitepaper also available.)