College students look for every boost towards success they can get, and homework convenience is often a vital component. In an effort to focus on the ever-evolving needs of college students, business statistics and computing students will now have access to Microsoft Office right within MindTap.

“Real-world context is key to making the student learning experience more engaging and relevant. Because of the flexibility of our MindTap learning platform, we are able to seamlessly integrate Microsoft technology directly into a student’s learning path in order to give them experience using the live application,” said Jim Donohue, Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning. “This integration will allow students to develop the key business skills needed to be competitive in today’s workforce using the actual software that they will be using once on-the-job. This live access is above and beyond what can be done with a standard simulation.”

MindTap for Business Statistics

For example, if you teach a business statistics course, your students can seamlessly work within Excel Online while solving and interacting with Cengage Learning problem sets for the Anderson/Sweeney/Williams series. Their work will be constantly saved in the Cloud, effectively operating on both PCs and Macs. You can even monitor their progress online at any time to reinforce the Excel skills and statistical methods that are so critical to business success.

MindTap for Computing

Or if you teach computing, MindTap for Computing will give your class access to a platform uniquely supported with powerful applications integrated directly into the user experience, including: SAM for hands-on learning of Microsoft Office skills and Computer concepts, OfficeMix which allows for quick upload of PowerPoint created by instructor or students that have interactive assets in a recorded presentation, and OneNote.

All of these applications are delivered to your students in the environment they’re already learning in, so they’ll have everything at their fingertips. Because of this, you’re sure to see reduced student distraction and increased retention.

“At Microsoft, the work we do in education is fueled and inspired by educators with clear focus to enable students to be their best,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education, Microsoft. “We know having a rich set of tools to create and collaborate is critical both in school and in the workplace. I am excited Cengage Learning has made it possible for students to have access to Office within their courses. This will allow a deeper understanding of tools needed as student prepare to enter the professional world.”

Do you teach Business Statistics or Computing? How might you utilize online integration with Microsoft Office to benefit your students? Share your ideas below!